Shack Together 013 - Corrupt Human Executives, Fallout 4palooza, ToTK Greed Feat. Bill Lavoy

Asif enters the ring.


In this episode of Shack Together, host Asif Khan is not joined by cohost John Benyamine, but is joined by myself Joe Stasio, and managing editor Bill Lavoy for a fun-filled discussion about the latest in video games. The team chats about what they’ve been playing lately, including titles like Fallout 4, Tears of the Kingdom, and [checks notes] Snood.

Today’s installment of Shack Together features a special segment called Steampreciation: Fallout 4 Edition, where we take a look at Steam reviews for Fallout 4, some of which are a real hoot.

During Story Time, the hosts dive into the latest gaming news, including the latest Starfield patch, layoffs over at Tesla, and the upcoming and mysterious Xbox Games Showcase schedule for June. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to Shack Together on your favorite podcast app and tune in every Friday for more togetherish discussions about gaming and beyond. Thanks for listening as always. Enjoy!

Don't forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app and join us every Friday for more episodes of Shack Together. Enjoy!

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