EU rules iPadOS must comply with Digital Markets Act, opening door for Fortnite

The European Union designated iPadOS as a gatekeeper and ruled that Apple must adjust the ecosystem to comply with the Digital Markets Act within six months.

Image via Epic Games

It would appear that Apple has been dealt another blow by the EU and its aggressive rollout of the Digital Markets Act. This time, the EU has ruled that Apple’s iPadOS can be designated a gatekeeper in the tech software space and, therefore, must be adjusted to adhere to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) within six months from this week’s ruling. Epic Games, which has been a major catalyst for this move with its lawsuits against Apple, has also announced that it stands poised to bring Fortnite back to iPad in the EU when the tech giant does adjust iPads to comply with the EU’s rules.

The EU posted its ruling on iPadOS and the order for its compliance with the Digital Markets Act in a press release on the European Union website. Reportedly, on the same day the EU designated iOS as a gatekeeper ecosystem, it opened an investigation into iPadOS to determine whether it fell under the same scrutiny. About 7 months later, the EU has decided iPads fall under the same rules as iOS devices and should be regulated as such.

Epic Games tweet regarding the European Union's ruling of iPadOS as a gatekeeper that must adhere to the Digital Markets act: Today, the European Commission said that iPads will also need to comply with the Digital Markets Act.  We’re moving full steam ahead to bring Fortnite and the Epic Games Store to iPhones in the EU soon and iPads this year!
Epic Games stands poised and ready to bring Fortnite to iPads in the EU once Apple adjusts the iPadOS to comply with the EU's Digital Markets Act.
Source: Epic Games

Epic Games has stood at the ready to act on this information. The developer has already prepared to return Fortnite to iOS devices by way of the upcoming Epic Games Store app. Now, it has announced via the Epic Games social media that it intends to do the same with iPads. Epic has promised that Fortnite is coming back to iOS in the EU soon, and later this year, it will work on the iPad version following Apple’s compliance.

Epic Games seems content to keep poking and prodding at Apple under the EU’s new regulations, and Apple’s hands seem tied in the matter for now. As we await further updates and details regarding Apple, Epic, and the DMA, stay tuned for further news on this topic right here at Shacknews.

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      April 29, 2024 5:47 PM

      I wonder what’s the logistics of playing Fortnite on an iPad are. Do they go Milleh-style in bed with a controller?

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        April 30, 2024 6:10 AM

        Stand with Xbox or PS controller

        Or iPad mini with the Razer Kishi

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      April 30, 2024 5:49 AM

      Since when are iPads NOT iOS devices? I thought they were functionally just bigger iPhones with the same operating system. Did Apple create "iPadOS" (a distinction without a difference) specifically to try to sidestep this kind of regulation?

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