Shack Together 012 - Stellar Blade, JRPG Reviewfest, Tesla + META Earnings Feat. Donovan Erskine

Donovan joins for a blade-laden episode of everyone's favorite SEPU podcast!


It’s Shack Together! Today we’re brought to you by Asif Khan, producer Joe Stasio and news editor Donovan Erskine. Donovan shares his thoughts on Sony and SHIFT UP’s sci-fi action game, Stellar Blade, in his detailed review. The gang also discusses their latest gaming adventures, including Asif’s resurgent, duplicative journey through Tears of the Kingdom and Donovan's exploration of retro Pokémon games on iOS.

In today’s Game segment, the crew dives into a fun challenge called The Blade Itself (yes, this title stolen from Mr. Abercrombie’s literary work), where Asif and Donovan must name games with the word "blade" in the title - how many can they come up with?

During Story Time, we cover the latest news in the gaming world, from TikTok bans to Fallout 4's resurgence in popularity. All this and more on today’s show. Enjoy!

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