Where to find Archie - Destiny 2

Where in the Tower is Archie? Good question. Here's where to find the playful mechanical pup in Destiny 2.


The mechanic dog, Archie, has gone missing and is now wandering around the Tower in Destiny 2. Where he once sat overlooking Ada-1 is now nothing but paw prints! Those that are wondering where in the Tower is Archie, we’ve got some answers for you. Here’s where you can find Archie and claim your rewards.

Where to find Archie in the Tower

Archie's paw prints outside of Ada-1's room

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To begin the quest, Where in the Tower is Archie?, you must first head to the Annex near where Ada-1 is located. Across the doorway from Ada-1 is where Archie usually sits, but now there are only glowing paw prints. Investigate the paw prints and then speak to Ada-1 to get the quest, Where in the Tower is Archie?


The ramen store in the bazaar

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The first place you must search for Archie is the ramen store across from Ikora in the Bazaar. Go into the ramen shop and investigate the paw prints.

Famous gunslinger

The Guardian Ranks tree and Cayde-6's memorial

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The next clue you’ll get is about a famous gunslinger, which makes sense given this particular gunslinger loved ramen. Head to the Cayde-6 memorial that’s behind the Guardian Ranks tree. Investigate the paw prints again to get the next clue.

Feathered friend

The chicken in cayde-6's spot in the Hangar

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The feathered friend clue refers to Cayde-6’s chicken that he was a big fan of back during the launch of Destiny 2. The chicken is in the Hangar where Cayde-6 used to hang out. Seems as though Archie is trying to track down our old Hunter Vanguard representative. Interact with the paw prints to get the last location’s clue.

Open airduct in the hangar

The player looking at the catwalk above the entrance to the Hangar

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This last location is a bit more difficult to find, though only slightly. The clue refers to an airduct in the Hangar, this is accessed via a catwalk that is directly above the entrance to the Hangar. You can get there by taking the stairs on your right on the ones on your left, behind the Dead Orbit tent and near where Xur hangs out sometimes.

Looking at the circular vent in the Hangar

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Looking at the double-back point after the vent
As you come out the vent, go through the door to your side.
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Walk along the catwalks and get as close to the entrance of the Hangar as possible. You’ll need to make a small jump over the gap to reach the platform. Head into the circular vent and into the next room where you’ll need to immediately turn left to pass through a door.

Drop down into the vent at the back of the room and jump up the other side. Archie will be standing there with a security frame nearby. Give him a pet to conclude this part of the quest.

Go back to Ada-1

Ada-1 offers some rewards for finding Archie

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The final step is to head back to Ada-1 to let her know you found Archie. You’ll receive an expired ramen ticket and 10 Trophies of Bravery for your effort. You can also claim the Triumph, Where in the System is Archie? to get the Blue Steel shader.

Where in the Cosmodrome is Archie?

Like the other versions of this quest, head to the Tower Annex and find the paw prints where Archie usually sits outside of Ada-1’s area. Interact with them and then speak with Ada-1 to get the quest, Where in the Cosmodrome is Archie?

  1. Visit Shaw Han
  2. Skywatch loot cave
  3. Terrestrial Complex
  4. Rasputin’s door in The Grottos, the area beyond Forgotten Shore
  5. Dock 13 accessed via The Steppes
  6. Return to Ada-1

Firstly, head to the Cosmodrome and speak with Shaw Han. He’s right by the fast travel point. He’ll tell you Archie went to the Skywatch.

Standing in front of the loot cave in the Skywatch

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Fast travel up to the Skywatch and head toward the loot cave. This is a small cave right beside the Hive structure that’s jutting out of the map, you may recognize it as the start of the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

Inside the Terrestrial Complex
Look for the paw prints past the circular terminal, in the back of the room in the cutout section.
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Outside the Terrestrial Complex
Here's what it looks like outside the Terrestrial Complex.
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Next Archie wants to see where we “held off the Hive and re-established communication with lost colonies across the system”. This refers to the Terrestrial Complex, the large building connected to the Skywatch. Head inside the building, go through the halls until pass through an outdoor area and then back inside. Follow the little paw prints to a row of computers.

Looking at the entrance to one of Rasputin's bunkers in the Grottos
This is the door you go through as part of the Strike, Fallen S.A.B.E.R.
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Now you’ll need to head through the Forgotten Shores to Rasputin’s bunker in The Grottos. This is the same door you go through as part of the Strike, Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Drop down over the ledge to find the paw prints near the locked door.

Archie standing in Dock 13
You'll need to clear out a bunch of Fallen in Dock 13 to free Archie. You can see him right there in front of the double doors.
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Finally, Archie wants to find a ship of his own ,which refers to Dock 13 where you found your first ship. Fast travel to The Steppes and go through the building toward The Divide. Inside you’ll find a Reaver Vandal and some other Fallen to defeat. Clear them out to release Archie from his bubble. All you need to do now is return to Ada-1 to get your reward.

Where in the EDZ is Archie?

Another week means Archie has gone walkabout again. This time, the robotic pup has headed to the EDZ. As with previous weeks, interact with the paw prints outside of Ada-1’s location in the Tower and then speak with Ada-1 to get the quest.

  1. Visit Devrim Kay in the EDZ
  2. Discover the prints in the multi-story building to the east of Devrim
  3. Find the paw prints at the fishing hole in the Outskirts
  4. Look for the prints on the ramp into the ship in the Sunken Isles
  5. Find Archie through a tunnel in the Sludge
  6. Return to Ada-1
A building with a large hole blown into three levels
Jump up and into the building to find the fireplace.
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Once you’ve got the quest from Ada-1, head to the EDZ and speak with Devrim. He’ll mention Archie went to check out a fireplace, which is in the building beside him. Go back outside and head east, as though you were following the path in the Strike, Lake of Shadows. Look for the multi-story building with the huge hole in it, jump into the hole to find the paw pritns.

From here, head down to the Outskirts fishing location to find Archie’s prints on a rock. Then fast travel up to the Sunken Isles and head into the ship. Archie’s paw marks are just before the ramp leading inside.

The player stands in The Sludge looking at a path

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Finally, Archie is where you found your Light during the Red War. Head to The Sludge and follow the creek up through a path on the north of the area (not the Lost Sector). You’ll find a jammer which must be disabled to spawn a Taken portal. Go through, defeat the enemies, disable the jammers, go through the new portal and then defeat more enemies and disable another set of jammers. Then you’ll need to do the exact same thing, but this time there will be a Cabal boss to defeat. Once this is done, say hi to Archie and then speak with Ada-1 to finish the EDZ portion of hide and seek with Archie.

Where on the Moon is Archie?

Archie has now scampered off to the Moon. To start this quest, head to Ada-1 in the Tower and interact with the paw prints outside her room. Go speak with her to collect the quest. You’ll need to pay Eris a visit.

  1. Visit Eris on the Moon in Sanctuary
  2. Go to Archer’s Line to find paw prints near the broken section on the map
  3. Head to Anchor of Light and go through the tunnel on the eastern side to where you woke the Hive
  4. Travel to the north side of the Hellmouth to where the Hive portal is
  5. Head to the Pyramid ship beneath the Moon via the Scarlet Keep in Sorrow’s Harbor
Archie's paw prints in Archer's Line
Archie wants to send supplies to his friends using the accelerator.
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After you speak with Eris Morn, head to Archer’s Line and follow the accelerator to the point where it’s completely broken in the middle. On top of the bunker south section are Archie’s paw prints.

An arrow drawn on the map of the Moon pointing to where we
Archie heard about us waking the Hive.
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Now turn around and go up to Anchor of Light. Look for the path just south of the K1 Communion Lost Sector on the map. Follow this into the building and look for the pups prints on the upper level near the Wizard.

An arrow drawn on the map of the Moon pointing to where we took a plunge to defeat a Hive prince
Archie wanted to see where we took a plunge to defeat a Hive prince.
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Travel to the Hellmouth and head around to where the Crota’s End raid starts. This is also where a Hive Ritual public event takes place. You’re looking for the giant Hive portal. Interact with Archie’s pritns to move on to the next step.

An arrow showing the way from Sorrow's Harbor to the Pyramid under the moon

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You’ll now need to head deep underground to the Pyramid ship. This is accessed via Sorrow’s Harbor by heading toward the Scarlet Keep to the north. Enter the gatehouse and go through the door on your left. Follow the path down until you get to the dark caves. At this point, stick to the left-hand wall, you’ll eventually reach the Pyramid overlook. Archie is standing near a nightmare. Interact with the dog and then return to Ada-1.

There look to be more of these hunts for Archie as he makes his way around various locations in Destiny 2. Check back with us each week as we remain hot on his trail. You can find more Into the Light coverage, including many god rolls for Onslaught weapons, on our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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