ShackStream: Headed to Northwest Airfield in DayZ

After several attempts to find trouble, the gang heads to one of the most dangerous places in Chernarus.


Today, the DayZ ShackStream team heads to the Northwest Airfield in search of loot and trouble. Jan, Dusty, TJ, and I will pack a bag, load our weapons, and take our biggest swing yet at getting into shenanigans.

Set to go live at 7 p.m. PDT/10 p.m. EDT, us four survivors will leave the safety of our walled home and head to the Northwest Airfield, one of the deadliest places in Chernarus. This adventure comes on the back of several attempts to get TJ into his first DayZ gunfight. So far, however, our fresh spawn pal hasn’t so much as seen another player in his travels. Kind of remarkable given the server population is quite high where we like to roam.

While there are no guarantees that we’ll find trouble, the NWA is owned by a major faction and is known as a place that you don’t come back from. If we can survive, however, it’s likely we’ll end up with some decent loot. If we perish, then it’s back to the coast for us.

Tune in if you get the chance. Your viewership is always appreciated, but we’d also love to hear from you in the chat and, if you’re really digging our content, we’d love to borrow your Prime subscription.

See you tonight!

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