Shack Together 009 - PS4 Trivia, Helldivers 2 Still Good, Apple Robotics feat. Dennis White

A hyper-competitive round of trivia steers the crew nearly toward the brink of madness. Who will prevail?


Join us on this episode of Shack Together as we celebrate our favorite pastime live, for you! Hosted by Asif Khan, John Benyamine, and myself, this episode is jam-packed with fun and informative edutainment for all! What’s more is we’re joined by Shacknews community manager, Dennis White!

From discussing what games we’ve been playing lately to testing the crew’s knowledge with our aptly dubbed PSFortune trivia game, this episode is sure to steer you right. Can you name the highest rated Playstation 4 game on Metacritic, or what Bluepoint studios accomplished in the PS4 era? Tune in and test your own gaming knowledge alongside our (often stumped) squad.

After our jaunt through trivia lane, Asif takes us through the latest gaming news stories from the past week. We’ve got coverage on Ubisoft Forward 2024, Saber Interactive’s sign-of-life confirmation, and of course the requisite stock updates on Tesla and Intel. As always, thanks for listening and enjoy!

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