Zero Hour's TR3-VR encounter in Destiny 2 was inspired by Takeshi's Castle

The developers also had to ask themselves: How do you strike fear into the heart of god-killing, nigh invincible players?


The Zero Hour Exotic mission is returning to Destiny 2 with Into the Light and the developers at Bungie have given players a peek behind the development curtain. In the final developer livestream before the content drop, the team spoke about how the mission, and more specifically the TR3-VR encounter, was inspired by the hilarious Japanese gameshow, Takeshi’s Castle.

Concept art for the TR3-VR encounter in Destiny 2

Source: Bungie

“Trevor was really inspired by this Japanese game show called Takeshi’s Castle,” Art director Rob Adams said. “It’s been around for a while and it’s great because there are all these physical challenges and people get knocked down or flipped over and stuff.”

Adams goes on to detail one particular challenge in the gameshow that was the leaping off point. Contestants would need to run up a ramp while giant boulders roll down it. To avoid the fake rocks, players could find and duck into little side alcoves. “Man, if we had something like that in the middle of this mission that would be amazing”

And so the developers started brainstorming how the encounter would work. The problem is that players are practically invincible and have killed all manner of gods, so how do you scare them? As Adams puts it, there were a few things the developers knew they had to do: drop players into a maze so they felt uncomfortable or lost and decrease the height of the ceiling so they couldn’t jump out of the way.

Now the team had to make the perfect threat. Every good maze needs a Minotaur and this one has TR3-VR. The team made him take up the entire cross-section space of the maze so you couldn’t get around him. They also made this monster move faster than the player. Then the developers ensured he looked scary by tapping into one of Adams’ phobias: centipedes.

A red side view of TR3-VR

Source: Bungie

It’s always intriguing hearing how the developers at Bungie design encounters in Destiny 2. I spoke with a few of the devs recently and they went into some great detail about how Bungie designs a dungeon in Destiny 2 and even offered up an explanation for the immunity shields in Ghosts of the Deep.

With Zero Hour and the TR3-VR encounter returning with Destiny 2: Into the Light, stay tuned to our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide so you know how to conquer the Takeshi’s Castle-inspired activity and walk away with your prized loot.

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