Weekend Discussion - March 30, 2024

It's Easter weekend, so let's dive into the Saturday edition of Weekend Discussion.


Welcome to the weekend! Let's jump into the Saturday edition of Weekend Discussion.

Back to the Spider-Verse

We still don't know when we're going to get resolution on that Spider-Verse cliffhanger. The work stoppage in Hollywood kind of put a kink in a lot of things. For now, though, let's enjoy this short film featuring Miles Morales.

The End

I've mentioned this before, but Mario Maker streamer Geek decided to call it a career at the end of 2023 after years of entertaining audiences and helping craft the Mario Maker streamer culture. Schween! Yeenis! Goop and Gorp! Off-screen Thwomp! And, of course, feesh! Fans think of Geek when they hear these words. Following the end of her run on Twitch, she kept uploading her last few months on YouTube, but even that was bound to be finite and we've now hit the end. With no footage left, Geek is officially riding off into the sunset.

Thank you, once again, Geek, for the years of entertainment. Goodbye and thanks for all the feesh.

Stupor Mario

Phelous has been analyzing bootleg toys for years on his Bootleg Zones show. He's not hit this weird Korean knockoff of Super Mario Bros., featuring Mario on a skateboard like he's straight out of Adventure Island or something.

Googling Bill Burr

Google's Autocomplete feature gives some questions to Bill Burr.

Weekend Grooves

Take us home, Beyonce!

That's it for this Weekend Discussion! Thank you for reading all year. We're excited to hear from you, so join the conversation and dive into the Shacknews Chatty comment thread below. If you want to go new school and find different ways to leave your feedback or talk about whatever, join us in the Official Shacknews Community Discord. I'll see you all next week!

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