Weekend PC Download Deals for Mar. 29: Steam Deck Builders Fest

Grab your starting hand and dive into the best of Steam's card-based games.


Pick a card! Any card! It's time for the Steam Deck Builders Fest, which celebrates the best in games that utilize cards of all sorts. Give yourself a scare with Inscryption, manage your inventory with Backpack Hero, or punch some dudes in the face with Fights in Tight Spaces. Head to Steam to see what the cards hold for you.

Elsewhere, Blizzard is holding its Spring Sale, which means discounts on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Diablo 4. The GOG.com Spring Sale continues with deals on dozens of DRM-free titles. Plus, Green Man Gaming has swapped out some publishers for its Spring Sale, bringing in the best from Capcom.

Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:


Epic Games Store






Green Man Gaming

Use the coupon code MAR17 to save 17% off a full-priced game. Exclusions apply.

Humble Bundle

Subscribe to Humble Choice for $11.99 each month. For the month of March, you'll receive Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin Ultimate Edition, Nioh 2 Complete Edition, Saints Row, Citizen Sleeper, Black Skylands, Soulstice, Afterimage, and Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter. DRMs vary. Humble Choice members also save extra on most purchases from the Humble Store.

Pay $9 or more to get Forewarned, Demonologist, Devour, and Escape the Backrooms. Pay $17 or more to also receive Ad Infinitum, The Quarry, My Friendly Neighborhood, and Amnesia: The Bunker. These activate on Steam.

Pay $18 or more to get Ultrakill, Turbo Overkill, Forgive Me Father 2, Deadlink, Prodeus, Quake 2, and Postal: Brain Damaged Connoisseur Edition. These activate on Steam.

Pay $1 or more to get Earth Defense Fore 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair. Pay $5 to also receive Earth Defense Force 4.1: Wingdiver the Shooter. Pay $12 or more to also receive 18 Earth Defense Force 4.1 DLC packs and Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. Pay $18 or more to also receive Earth Defense Force: World Brothers and Earth Defense Force 5. These activate on Steam.

Pay $10 or more to get ED-0: Zombie Uprising, SG/ZH: School Girl/Zombie Hunter, and ONECHANBARA ZⅡ: CHAOS. Pay $15 or more to also receive MAGLAM LORD and Omega Labyrinth Life. Pay $18 or more to also receive Onee Chanbara ORIGIN and Bullet Girls Phantasia. Pay $30 or more to also receive SAMURAI MAIDEN.

Pay $14 or more to get the complete Humongous Entertainment Collection. These activate on Steam.

Pay $1 or more to get Red Faction, Red Faction 2, and Saints Row 2. Pay $5 or more to also receive Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, and Red Faction Armageddon (w/Path to War DLC). Pay $10 or more to also receive Saints Row 4: Re-Elected, Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered, and Saints Row: The Third Remastered. These activate on Steam.

Ubisoft Store

Get $20 USD in Ubisoft Wallet Rewards when you spend $29.99 USD with your Ubisoft Wallet during the Ubisoft Spring Sale.


If you've found any deals we might have missed or there's a specific one you wish to highlight, be sure to join the conversation and let us know in the comments. Or let us know how you're enjoying your new games by jumping into the Official Shacknews Community Discord.

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