Shack Together 008 - Game Sequel Predictions, Marvel Rivals, Gearbox Acquisition feat. Ozzie Mejia

On today's episode we learn a crucial lesson about the importance of instant gratification.


Join Asif Khan, John Benyamine, myself, and Senior Editor Ozzie Mejia on the eighth episode of Shack Together as we discuss the latest in the gaming world. Asif talks about playing Splatoon 3’s latest Splatfest, while John shares his varied experience with Balatro. Ozzie discusses his Visions of Mana and Sand Land previews, all before the crew heads over to our game of the week.

In “Does it Sequel?” the team debates possible sequel announcements for games like Mario Odyssey, Outriders, and Returnal. Check back in exactly one year’s time to hear who’s crowned Sequel king, much to the crew’s dismay. Story Time covers news on Marvel Rivals, GTA 6, and Stardew Valley, and more. Thanks as always for listening. Enjoy!

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