Shack Chat: Who is your dream character for Marvel Rivals?

Here are the characters we'd love to see make an appearance in the new Marvel-based hero shooter.


NetEase has revealed Marvel Rivals, a 6v6 Overwatch-like that features several playable heroes and villains from the comic book pantheon. While the developer has already revealed multiple playable characters, we can't help but think of our Marvel favorites that we'd love to see join the roster.

Question: Who is your dream character for Marvel Rivals?

Juggernaut - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Cartoon art of Juggernaut bursting through a wall.

Source: Skottie Young/Marvel

Don't you know who he is?

If we're including villains in this lineup, then allow the Juggernaut to burst through all of your walls like the Kool-Aid Man. The Unstoppable One can play similarly to Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege, where the opposing team can be running down a safe corridor before BAM! Here's Juggy, ready to ruin your day by plowing through everyone in one swift dash. "Walls" are not in his vocabulary.

It's bad enough I'm not getting ol' Juggs in X-Men '97 (at least not yet), but can I at least get him in this new superhero romp?

Cyclops - TJ Denzer, Fellow Sammich Appreciator

Cyclops eating a sub sandwich.

Source: Marvel

Scott Summers is a lovable goof, but he’s also an underrated badass. Often the “boy scout” de facto leader of the X-Men field teams, Cyclops’s core power is being able to shoot concussive force out of his eyes, which makes him a great candidate for a ranged DPS already. However, he’s also a skilled martial artist, able to fight hand-to-hand with most foes when he doesn’t want to bust out the high-beam eye beams right away.

In Marvel Rivals, I could see him as a hybrid brawler capable of hitting enemies at range with his optic blasts before getting up close and laying a beatdown on foes. He could also play a bit of crowd control if they want to give his blasts the ability to stun foes (they are concussive after all). I only have one major request if he does make it to the game: Give this man his internet-favorite sandwich in an emote.

Venom - Asif Khan, Shacknews CEO/EIC/EIEIO

After having a blast with the symbiote in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 last year, I would love the opportunity to kick some ass as Venom in Marvel Rivals. Venom would be a great addition to the Brawler class. The character has a history of being pretty funny, so they could probably get some silly voice clips in the game too.

Hazmat - Bill Lavoy, Resident of O'Creagh's Run

Hazmat screaming as her helmet cracks open

Source: Marvel

I’m going with Hazmat because I think it would be cool to see developers realize Hazmat's abilities in a game like Marvel Rivals. The gameplay looks quite interesting, and I think it would be nifty to find a way to work Hazmat’s toxic abilities into a balanced manner that could still be fun in a PvP game like this. I choose chaos.

Gambit - Sam Chandler, Loves pink

Gambit throwing cards towards the screen.

Source: Marvel

I don’t think Gambit has had enough representation in media. The dude is cool as heck, with a sweet face mask wrap thing, a badass staff, and cards. You ever see those videos where some master in martial arts throws a card and it slices through a banana? Yeah you have and you think it’s super cool. Now why won’t anyone give us the ultimate form of card-throwing ninja? If Gambit gets added, you’ll see me playing a bunch of Marvel Rivals.

Dr. Doom - Dennis White Jr., DennyVonDoom

Dr. Doom wearing his metal mask and green hood.

Source: Marvel

I’m a bit biased but Dr. Doom is a massive character in the Marvel Universe. Latveria could be a map in the game too, to be honest. Black Panther has already been revealed and we need the long-term beef between the Dictator and Wakanda to continue. I also think it’s a great opportunity to make the DoomBots into a gameplay mechanic as well. A game like this is going to need some big bads, and who’s a bigger villain than Doom?

Nightcrawler - Greg Burke, X-Men sicko

Three images of Nightcrawler from Marvel comics

Source: Screen Rant

If we’re talking about characters that are super cool from a mechanic standpoint, Nightcrawler is the one. Teleporting and moving around would be a very cool concept in a 6v6 game. I have no clue how you’d balance it, but man I'd love to see the blue furball make an appearance in Marvel Rivals.

Kitty Pryde - Donovan Erskine, X-Men superfan

Kitty Pryde moving through a wall.

Source: Marvel

Kitty Pryde is my favorite member of the X-Men. Not only are her powers dope, but she's an awesome leader. We know that Marvel Rivals will have destructible environments, so why not let her walk through them? Kitty would be a special character who can phase through walls, and send out Lockheed (her small pet dragon) to find and tag enemies. She wouldn't be a big damage dealer, but her utility would make her a headache for any team to deal with.

The Thing - Steve Tyminski, Stevetendo show host, It’s Clobberin’ Time!

Michael Chiklis as The Thing.

Source: 20th Century Fox

I have always been a big fan of The Thing from the Fantastic Four so I think I have to go with Ben Grimm. He could play like the Hulk, and games like this are always looking for more heavy/big characters. Bonus points if Marvel wants to have it be the Michael Chiklis version of The Thing. He was the only good thing to come out of those Fantastic Four movies anyway.

Those are the characters we'd like to see join the Marvel Rivals roster. What characters would you like to see in the upcoming team shooter? Sound off in the chatty!

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