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Discover how to set Pawn Quests, who gets the rewards, and what the point of the badges are in Dragon's Dogma 2.


The Pawn Quest system in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a rich and layered mechanic that lets you interact with other players online via your main Pawn. By setting a Pawn Quest, you can task other players with finding certain items or defeating specific monsters, and reward them with precious materials or gold for their effort. Unlocking Pawn Quests and setting a new quest isn’t immediately clear, but once you know the basics you’ll be chasing those badges and materials with ease.

How Pawns go on quests

A screen stating that the player's pawn has returned

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What happens here is a bit of trickery, but basically, as you’re playing Dragon’s Dogma 2, your main Pawn will be available to hire via the rift and will accompany other players on their journey. Your main Pawn will never leave your side while this is happening, it all occurs in the background. When you rest in a proper bed (not camping), your Pawn will tell you all about the adventures they've been on through the rift.

How to unlock Pawn Quests

An innkeeper offers a place to stay

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You must rest at an inn at least once to unlock Pawn Quest and the ability to set a new one. By resting at the inn, your Pawn will “go beyond the rift” to complete quests. What actually happens is that as soon as you wake up, Dragon’s Dogma 2 will show you every single adventure your pawn has gone on since you last rested at an inn. This is called the Travelogue – more on this below.

How to set Pawn Quests

After your first rest at an inn, you can change your main Pawn’s quest via any riftstone. You can also set the quest upon waking up at the inn. The only available quests are ones you have encountered in your playthrough. This means to set a Pawn Quest that involves defeating minotaurs, you must have defeated a minotaur at least once.

The Set Pawn Quest screen in Dragon's Dogma 2

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Similarly, any reward you offer for the other player must come from your own pocket. You cannot make the reward something you do not already own. This means if you want to offer a Golden Trove Beetle to entice players, you have to have one in your inventory.

It’s important to note that the gold or item you offer as a reward is a one-time payment. While ten people might hire your Pawn, you do not have to do ten payments of the specific item.

Who gets the rewards?

When you hire a pawn from the rift, the reward listed in their quest is the prize you will earn. If the quests asks you to defeat a Cyclops and the reward is 2,500 gold, you will receive the gold. When you want to dismiss the pawn and send them back, you can give them a gift. Make sure it’s something useful, as this will help other players progress through the game.

Now, when it comes time to set your own Pawn Quests, the "Reward for Other Player" box indicates what reward you want the other player to receive when they complete the Pawn Quest you have set.

Understanding the Travelogue

Sleeping at an inn (or in a house) will show your main Pawn’s Travelogue. This is an overview of their experience with other Arisen through the rift. There will typically be a few sentences that highlight your Pawn’s experience, followed by the rating they received: like and loved.

The Travelogue screen

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The RC Received number is the amount of Rift Crystals your Pawn received by being hired. Basically, the cost of hiring a pawn goes directly into the pockets of the Arisen that pawn belongs to. This is a great way to get a decent supply of Rift Crystals – this is why you should offer enticing rewards, like large amounts of gold or valuable items.

Subsequent pages show the gifts that your Pawn received from other Arisen, including a breakdown of who sent you what. People will know whether you’re generous or stingy. You will also be able to set a new Pawn Quest via the Travelogue.

Pawn Badges

A Pawn with a Cyclops badge

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Pawn Badges are a mark of knowledge for pawns. By defeating monsters a specific number of times, a pawn will earn a badge that shows they know the best way to take down that beast. Any pawn with this badge is a boon to your party and may even share this inside knowledge with the Arisen.

There’s a lot to learn about Pawn Quests when you first start Dragon’s Dogma 2. Unlocking Pawn Quests and then setting new ones isn’t immediately clear, neither is whether or not you need to foot the bill every single time someone hires your Pawn and earns the reward. Just remember to send a pawn away with a decent reward so that people will want to hire your own pawn! Check out our Dragon’s Dogma 2 page for more help with this complex world.

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