How to fast travel - Dragon's Dogma 2

Portcrystals, ferrystones, oxcarts, and walking: The art of fast traveling in Dragon's Dogma 2.


There are a lot of modern systems in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that aren’t as approachable or easy to understand as some players might expect. One of these is fast travel, which is set up in a rather old-school manner whereby it is possible but it’s not free. Additionally, you’re not free to fast travel wherever you want, it’s only in extremely specific locations (and sometimes a few places of your choosing). Here’s how fast travel works (and no, you don’t need to buy any microtransactions).

Fast travel to portcrystal

Players and their pawns can only fast travel to portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and doing this costs one ferrystone. These crystals can be found in major cities, like the one behind the Pawn Guild in Vernworth. Players can also place ten portcrystals wherever they want and fast travel to them. This is like setting up a teleporter location around the world.

The portcrystal fast travel map
As you find more portcrystals (and place your own) they will appear in the list on the side of the screen.
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Once you’ve placed a portcrystal, you can leave it there as long as you like and you’ll always be able to fast travel to it. However, you can also recover the crystal and place it in a new location. Ideally, you’ll place these in areas you need to get to frequently that aren’t available via oxcart or another nearby portcrystal.

Finding and using Ferrystones

Ferrystones are what you will use to travel to a portcrystal. When you have one in your inventory, select it and choose “use” and you will be shown a map with all available portcrystals. Pick the one you want and you will be transported to it instantly, consuming the ferrystone in the process.

The player finds a ferrystone in a chest
Ferrystones can often be found in chests.
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You will typically receive ferrystones by completing quests, searching and looting dungeons, and defeating enemies. They’re not super easy to acquire early on, so it’s a good idea to avoid unnecessary fast travel when you’re just starting.


The next best means of “fast” travel is the humble oxcart. These can be found at major settlements and will take you to another location for a small fee. The main disadvantage is that oxcarts only go to a few places around the map. If you want to get somewhere specific, your best bet is to take an oxcart part of the way there and then walk.

The player prepares to purchase passage on an oxcart
Oxcarts can take you to a few locations around the world, for a set fee.
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While using a portcrystal is instantaneous and no time will pass, when using an oxcart time will tick on at its usual rate. This means when you arrive, part of the day will be gone. Make sure you’re leaving enough time to do whatever you need to do when you get there, as some quests are time-sensitive.


Finally, the least fast method of fast travel is to go on foot. Literally walking from one location to another. Chances are you’ll be running for a bit, letting your stamina recover, and then running some more. Just keep in mind that traveling at night is a death wish. As soon as the sun sets, find a camping spot and rest until the morning.

The player finds a golden trove beetle while walking
It might not be glamorous, but walking will likely be your main mode of transport in Dragon's Dogma 2.
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The advantage of this method of travel is you’ll find all sorts of things. Your pawns will point out interesting locations and you can collect various resources so you can craft your potions.

Traveling around the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be fast or incredibly slow. Those who want to fast travel should focus on acquiring ferrystones and placing ten portcrystals to travel to. Everyone else should find the nearest oxcart or lace up those walking boots. While you’re strolling along the road, read over our Dragon’s Dogma 2 page for more help understanding this world.

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