Shack Together 007 - Console Codenames, Dragon's Dogma 2 Review and Impressions, feat. Bill Lavoy

Asif aims his reticle on John [absent] and Joe [pathetic] for rewarding shameful behavior.


In this episode of Shack Together, host Asif Khan, myself Joe Stasio, and Managing Editor Bill Lavoy dive into what we’ve been playing recently, including Dragon’s Dogma 2, Super Mario Maker for Wii U, and more. The team also plays a round or ten of Code Games, where I test Asif and Bill’s knowledge of console codenames over the past several decades.

During Story Time, we discuss the latest gaming news, from Apple facing an antitrust suit to Ubisoft's generative AI project for NPC dialogue. We also touch on Shacknews’ reviews of games like Rise of the Ronin, Princess Peach: Showtime and Dragon's Dogma 2. As always, thanks for listening and enjoy!

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