Shack Chat: Predict the plot of the second Super Mario Bros. Movie

Consult the stars, tea leaves, or whatever else, because it's time to predict the story of the next Super Mario Bros. movie!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a good chance you heard how popular The Super Mario Bros. Movie was. It smashed all sorts of records and ushered in a whole lot of sales for Nintendo. And now, the Big N has announced that a sequel is in the works. What this means is we get to spend some time speculating wildly about what we think will be the plot of the next Super Mario Bros. Movie. Join us, and offer your own predictions!

Question: What will be the plot of The Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel?

WAH! - Ozzie Mejia, Senior WAH-ditor

Source: Nintendo

What do you do if Bowser is only available in small doses since he's currently as tall as Mario's ankle, thanks to the Mini Mushroom? Well, you need another bad guy. This sure would be a good time to introduce everyone's favorite evil double, Wario! (And Waluigi!)

Look, if Sonic's about to blow everybody's mind by bringing Shadow to the big screen, wait until Nintendo and Illumination show what they've got with Wario. He's everybody's favorite jerkwad with a mustache, riding in on a loud chopper, scratching everywhere, and generally being a foul counterpart to Mario in every way. What's brought him to the Mushroom Kingdom? Well, it could be the same weird pipe that first brought Princess Peach there. We don't know! I'll leave that to everyone else's imagination, but I want to believe that a big part of the next movie's plot will involve Wario, where he came from, what he wants, and how everyone ultimately settles their differences with a round of tennis.

“A huge universe out there, with a lot of galaxies” - TJ Denzer, Senior News Editor

Mario and Peach stand in a field of flowers

Source: Universal Studios

I can’t help but recall a specific moment from the first Super Mario Bros. movie in which Peach stressed that there’s a “huge universe out there, with a lot of galaxies.” In a movie packed to the brim with Easter eggs, that felt like an obvious nod to the Super Mario Galaxy games, and I think that might be where we’re headed with the next movie. I’d be thrilled to see Rosalina come into play, right alongside characters like the Lumas and Star Bunnies. It would also be funny to see Mario pilot the ship shaped like his face through space.

A galactic quest feels like a great expansion onto what we got in the first film. I know it’s usually third or fourth films that tend to do “[Thing] in SPACE!!!” but boy howdy, I really hope they go ahead and hit that Super Mario Galaxy goodness.

Timeline Jump - Asif Khan, Shacknews CEO/EIC/EIEIO

Luigi in his kart glaring at the camera

Source: Nintendo

The next Super Mario Bros. movie will not be a direct sequel to the 2023 release. I believe that the first film set the table for a slew of stories set in the Mario universe to come. It would be cool to see a film that doesn't take place immediately after the origin story.

I expect Nintendo and Illumination are going to jump into the future into the era of Mario Odyssey or even the Galaxy games. Perhaps Cappy will make a return, or maybe Mario and the gang will visit the Flower Kingdom that was just introduced in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Elephant Mario seems destined for the big screen, right?

Miyamoto and the gang are clearly taking the Oscar snubs seriously and intend to deliver a great story to go alongside the excellent visual presentation. Basically the Luigi Death Stare of movies.

Something Yoshi - Bill Lavoy, Captain Obvious

The teaser at the end of The Super Mario Bros. Movie seems very relevant here, so I’m going with a generic answer that the sequel will have something to do with Yoshi!

I really have no idea, and I’m cool with that. I like my Super Mario Bros. movies to be pleasant surprises and unapologetic fun. If I’m right, that’s cool, but if I’m not, I’m still going to love every minute of it, as well as being a Nintendo shareholder. That’s also a good time.

Donkey Kong absconds with Peach - Sam Chandler, 64-bit man

A scene from the Donkey Kong game

Source: Nintendo

I think Nintendo will lean into something that scratches a few different itches with this new Mario Bros. movie. I reckon Donkey Kong and Mario’s friendship will splinter at the start of the film. For one reason or another, DK will abduct Peach, perhaps either on purpose or under some sort of spell by Bowser who has attained a Power Star. The only way for Mario to save the princess? Through the help of his new pal, Yoshi.

Yoshi’s Island - Donovan Erskine, gave the Mario movie an 8/10

Yoshi's green egg slightly cracked

Source: Universal Pictures

I’ve actually never played Yoshi’s Island, but the first movie made it feel like things were trending in that direction for a potential sequel. The egg in the post-credit scene was an obvious tease, but even the brief scene in which we see a group of Yoshisaurs felt like a nod at things to come. With Nintendo being careful as to not actually call it “The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2” in their official announcement, I assume it’ll end up being titled something like “The Super Mario Bros Movie: Yoshi’s Island.” Just a guess!

The Star Road points Peach home - Steve Tyminski, Stevetendo show host, Mario Guy!

Mario stands on a hill surrounded by stars

Source: Nintendo

What do I think will be the plot of the Super Mario Bros. Movie 2? You could take this in a few directions. At the end of the first movie, we saw an egg that hints that Yoshi will make an appearance. I think the Star Road could play a vital role in the next movie. You need Yoshi to find the secret exit in the Star Road courses.

Peach doesn’t know where she came from so the gang could check the Star Road to find a warp zone to her home world. Her home world could be in a galaxy far away and Rosalina could help out. It could go a different direction and introduce a villain like Wart or Smithy to connect the movie with Mario 2 or Mario RPG. I’m more on the side of Rosalina helping Peach find her home somehow but a new villain besides Bowser could be fun too.

An out of nowhere play would be to have all the characters play golf or tennis or drive karts to win a power star. This movie isn’t coming out for quite some time so it’s always fun to think what if.

The general consensus seems to be that Yoshi will be a prominent character in this next Super Mario Bros. Movie. Now, let’s turn it over to you – we want to hear what you think will happen in Nintendo’s upcoming sequel! Be sure to check out our Shack Chat page for other conversation prompts.

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