Shack Together 005 - Mario Sales Showdown, Xbox Partner Preview, Blues Traveler feat. Steve Tyminski

New research shows Blues Traveler's "Hook" is compatible with any and all playlists regardless of mood, genre, or purpose. This and more on today's show.


Join us for the fifth installment of Shack Together as host Asif Khan and myself, producer Joe Stasio are joined by editor Steve Tyminski to discuss our current gaming obsessions. In our first ever Mario-themed segment, I challenge the crew’s knowledge of everyone’s favorite Italian plumber in the form of Cudgel, Bubble, Trouble: Mario Edition.

Over in Story Time, the team brings you the latest headlines, from Yuzu emulator settlements to SpaceX-backed flying cars. Plus, hear all about the announcements from the recent Xbox Partner Preview event as well as Shacknews’ review of the massively hyped Poker rogulelike, Balatro.

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Front-end dev, musician and audio engineer. I talk games, games industry as producer on Shack Together. Not funny or smart.

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