Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu is unlikely to make another full game's soundtrack

The legendary composer said that a project like Final Fantasy takes two to three years of 'full throttle' work and he doesn't feel he has the energy anymore.

Nobuo Uematsu has been crafting fantastic music for games (notably the Final Fantasy series) for decades, but he might not have another full game’s soundtrack in the tank. The composer has continued to pour his efforts and abilities into new musical projects, be they games or other works. He even did the main theme for Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth. However, Uematsu revealed in a recent interview that he doesn’t feel he has the energy to assemble a full soundtrack on a new game anymore.

Uematsu shared his sentiments on future work and music projects in an interview with German publication Zeit Online, as shared by Video Games Chronicle. There, he addressed his own age, the strains of making a full game’s soundtrack, and what he wants to focus on:

Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth in which Cloud and Sephiroth are walking through a field
Nobuo Uematsu provided the main theme for Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, but he doesn't feel he has the energy to do too many more full soundtracks.
Source: Square Enix

Nobuo Uematsu’s words may be saddening to fans who grew up hearing his iconic tracks lace the Final Fantasy series. However, it’s worth noting that Uematsu has stepped back from being the director of full game soundtracks for a while. The last full-game soundtrack he presided over was Fantasian in 2021. Other than that, he has done main theme and single-song contributions for the likes of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Final Fantasy 15, as well as collaborative efforts on games like Granblue Fantasy and Oceanhorn.

It's also worth noting that Nobuo Uematsu doesn’t seem to have plans to step away from music, but rather plans to work on what he feels he is capable of while he feels he can. We might not get more full Final Fantasy soundtracks out of the legendary composer, but Uematsu seems intent on creating new musical projects for the foreseeable future.

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