Shack Chat: Which Xbox game do you want to see ported to PS5 and Nintendo Switch?

Phil Spencer, Matt Booty, and Sarah Bond took to the Xbox podcast and revealed four Xbox games are coming PS5 and Switch. Here's want we want.


Today, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer, President of Xbox Sarah Bond, and President of Gaming Content and Studios Matt Booty took to the Xbox podcast to discuss the future of the Xbox brand. This was an eagerly anticipated podcast, as many viewers had started to hear rumors running rampant around the internet. But now we have answers: four Xbox games are coming to other platforms. That got us thinking about what games from Xbox’s catalog we want to see come to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

Question: Which Xbox game do you want to see ported to PS5 and Nintendo Switch?

Redfall - TJ Denzer, Thinks it’s time for a redemption story

Source: Xbox Game Studios

Redfall was panned and rightfully so. It was a mess, buggy as all get-out, and just plain rushed to release. However, I did hear from more than one person, that there could be something redeemable in there, some level of fun buried in the mess. After all, this is Arkane Studios we’re talking about. Their track record of excellence is so much bigger than their track record of failure. Fast forward. This game has had time to get polished, get some patches, squash some bugs… Maybe enough to be a competent game? I hope so, and if that’s the case, I’m ready to give Redfall a chance. Let me give this game a try on PS5 well after the problems are behind it.

Sunset Overdrive - Bill Lavoy, Timberwolf Mountain Resident

Sunset Overdrive was one of the first games I ever played on Xbox, and I have nothing but fond memories of it. Yes, it’s on PC now, but you have to think that it’s a game that probably doesn’t have a lot of ways left to earn money. If you were going to buy Sunset Overdrive on Xbox or PC, you’ve probably done so at this point.

However, if you have a PS5 or Nintendo Switch, and Sunset Overdrive arrives, that might be the kind of thing you pick up for cheap. Just a quality, delightful game that you didn’t have access to in the past that you can dig into in 2024.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Sam Chandler, More Halo is always good

I never thought I would say this, and part of me doesn’t want it to happen, but perhaps it’s time to bring MCC to other platforms. It is an incredible collection of games that deserves so many more people playing it. More people with access to Halo means more chances at sequels, more people in lobbies, more of everything! We’d see more people getting into speedrunning and trick videos.

It would be extremely weird to see Master Chief on a competitor’s platform, but if that’s the way gaming is going in order to survive, this old man just needs to get with the times.

Sea of Thieves - Donovan Erskine, Loves plundering booty

Source: Xbox Game Studios

If there was ever an Xbox game that could benefit from a fresh start with a new community of players, it’s Sea of Thieves. A fun game that’s far better than when it launched in 2018, Rare’s pirate game is finally an enjoyable full package that could make an excellent first impression with Switch or PS5 gamers.

Rare Replay - Steve Tyminski, Stevetendo show host, Head to the future via the past!

Source: Xbox Game Studios

For a long time, I was debating over grabbing an Xbox for certain games before they came over to the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation. One of those games was Cuphead. I really wanted to play Cuphead for a long time before it came to the Switch. Another game, an older game that should be on Switch because of most of the Nintendo history is Rare Replay. With Banjo-Kazooie being on the Nintendo Switch Online service, it doesn’t make this coming to the Switch a must but it would be nice to have a way to play classic Rare games on the Switch. It feels too much like a no brainer to have this Rare collection on the Switch and it’s a crime that it isn’t already there.

There you have it. Those are our reactions to what Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty had to say during the Xbox podcast. What are your thoughts on Xbox bringing four of its games to other platforms? Good or bad idea? Following that, let us know what Xbox games you want to see on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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