Shack Together 001 - Apple Vision Pro, Yakuza Remorse, Disney & Epic Unite

Introducing Shack Together! A brand new Shacknews podcast from the people who brought you the Cartridge Family and the Shackcast.


Hey listeners, Joe here, producer of Shack Together. Today, our host Asif and cohost John dive deep into the spatial wonder of Apple Vision Pro to find out if it's indeed the future of computing. They’ll be sharing their overall experience, remarking on the headset's fidelity, sharing a few pros and more than a few cons.

Next we've got the world’s first-ever Story Time segment lined up for you. From Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's disappointing release to Disney's billion-dollar partnership with Epic Games, we're covering all the latest happenings in gaming news.

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Front-end dev, musician and audio engineer. I talk games, games industry as producer on Shack Together. Not funny or smart.

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