Completing Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth demo unlocks gear & a story skip in the main game

An episode featuring Junon will be added to the Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth demo later this February.


The Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth demo is available now on PlayStation 5 and gives players a taste of what’s to come when the game launches at the end of February. However, there’s other bonuses involved if you finish the demo. Special gear will be unlocked when you start the main game and certain sections of the demo you play through will be skippable once you complete it.

Details about the Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth demo bonuses could be found on the game’s product page on the PlayStation Store. On that page, it explains how to acquire the various perks the demo has to offer:

  • Players who have save data from the demo can claim a kupo charm and adventuring items set in the full game.
    • Kupo charm: An accessory that increases the number of resource items extracted at a set rate.
    • Survival set: A selection of items to aid on your adventure, such as potions and ethers.
  • Players who complete the Nibelheim episode will be able to skip the same section in the full game.
The PlayStation Store product page for the Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth demo
According to the PlayStation Store page for the Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth demo, there are a few bonuses in store for those who play or finish it.
Source: PlayStation Store

Potions and ethers are usually easily obtained in Final Fantasy games, but the kupo charm sounds a little more interesting, if only because whatever the resource extraction is, it sounds like you’ll get more out of it. However, the big time saver will be the Nibelheim skip. Not for nothing, but there are likely many players that wouldn’t mind jumping over a scene they’ve been through rather than playing it again. It also seems like it’s an optional skip, so if you want to play the Nibelheim section in the main game like normal, you should be able to do that.

We recently had our own short go at Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth and came away mesmerized by the mysteries it’s setting up and basking in its open world and character relationships. Check the demo out on PS5 now to get a glimpse of what we mean and stay tuned for more coverage leading up to Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth’s release at the end of this February.

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