Marvel Snap's February 2024 season unleashes The Black Order

Thanos' most fearsome generals are invading Second Dinner's card game for its next season.

Second Dinner

After returning from Planet Hulk, Marvel Snap is looking into another galactic-level threat. Thanos has been in Second Dinner's card game from the beginning, but the rest of his generals are on their way. February will see the introduction of The Black Order.

The Black Order update adds one new member of Thanos' army each week to join him (and fellow Black Order member Ebony Maw, who's already in the game) as a featured card. Here are the cards that players should expect to see:

  • (3) Black Swan (5) - On Reveal: Until the end of next turn, your 1-Cost cards cost 0.
  • (4) Supergiant (5) - On Reveal: All cards played next turn don't reveal until the game ends.
  • (4) Cull Obsidian (10) - You can only play this where you have a 1-Cost card.
  • (3) Corvus Glaive (5) - On Reveal: Discard 2 cards from your hand to get +1 Max Energy.
  • (4) Proxima Midnight (7) - When this is discarded, jumps to your lowest-Power location. (that isn't full)

Two new locations will also roll out over the next month. They are:

  • Black Vortex: Add a random Infinity Stone to your hand.
  • Sanctuary II: The first card you play here becomes a random 6-Cost card.

February is a short month, so look for Supergiant to go out next week on top of the season's featured card, Black Swan. As always, premium season passes go for $9.99 USD each. We're still finding ways to rave over Marvel Snap here at the Shacknews offices, most recently naming it the Best PC Port of 2023.

Marvel Snap is coming off a month of excitement and a month full of balance tweaks, addressing cards like Ms. Marvel, The Blob, and also giving some buffs to cards like Spider-Man 2099 and Heimdall.

We'll continue watching for the latest Marvel Snap news. Keep it on Shacknews for any updates.

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