How to add friends - Tekken 8

Want to buddy up with your favorite online opponents? Here's how to add them to your Friends List in Tekken 8.


With Tekken 8 featuring crossplay, it also features plenty of ways to keep your favorite players in touch. Friending up on the game might be the best way to make sure that no matter where you play, the people you want to play with will be able to reach you. With that in mind, you’ll want to know how to add folks to your friends list and accept friend requests when they happen in Tekken 8.

How to add friends - Tekken 8

Tekken 8's main menu with the Community tab highlighted.
The Community tab is going to be where a lot of your friend list options are kept in Tekken 8.

The Community tab on Tekken 8’s main menu figures heavily into confirming friends and maintaining your friends list. It’s from this menu that you can see your current friends list, which of your friends are online, who you’ve played against, and pending friend requests. Those last two are the most important. By tabbing over to the “Players you’ve played with” menu, you can get a look at the opponents you’ve come up against in any mode online. By highlighting a player you like and hitting the confirm button on them, you’ll bring up a menu where you can send them a friend request. It’s then up to them to accept it.

To accept a friend request, you’ll want to go all the way over to the far right tab, “Waiting for approval”. There, you’ll see the friend requests you’ve received and can confirm or deny them as you please.

Making a friend request in the Tekken 8 Fight Lounge lobby
You can make and receive friend requests in the Tekken 8 Fight Lounge lobbies and in the menus following the completion of a match.

Finally, you can also make and receive friend requests while in any Lobby or post-match screen. In lobbies, simply go up to the avatar of the player you want to interact with and hit the confirm button. Then you’ll pull up their player stats. From there, you can make a friend request. Post-match, you can cycle down to the Profile option, pull up their player stats similarly, and make a friend request. Either way, you’ll have to go to the Community menu to accept.

Now that you know how to add friends in Tekken 8, you should be able to enjoy more community features in the game. Be sure to check out our other Tekken 8 coverage for news, guides, and further updates.

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