Frostpunk 2 gameplay reveal shows off an icy metropolis and voting system

Set 30 years after the Great Storm, Frostpunk 2 looks to deliver another emotional gut punch while expanding on the first game's mechanics.

11 bit studio

The original Frostpunk released some six years ago and found a cult following thanks to its unique take on the city management genre. And now, the team at 11 bit studios has done more than just drop a teaser for Frostpunk 2, they’ve released a whole gameplay trailer showing off the exciting new mechanics and a vast and sprawling city set in the frigid environment.

The team at 11 bit studios revealed Frostpunk 2 gameplay on January 16, 2024. The trailer gives players a look at the sprawling city around the central reactor, the beating heart of the city and the very thing that allows life to continue flourishing 30 years after the Great Storm.

The sprawling metropolis of Frostpunk 2

Source: 11 bit studios

As was the case with the first game, Frostpunk 2 looks to dive deeper into the emotional problems and the physical needs of the people. Taking on the role of the city’s Steward, players will be tasked with helping the citizens while balancing their needs against the overarching goal of ensuring the city survives.

A screenshot of the voting mechanic in Frostpunk 2

Source: 11 bit studios

One scene of the trailer showcases the Law Proposal mechanic. It looks as though players will be able to initiate the vote or take a moment to negotiate the terms. As in real life, the outcome of these votes isn’t guaranteed, no matter the power or the assumed sway you had going in.

Players will be able to venture into the harsh world of Frostpunk 2 when it releases in the first half of 2024 on PC on Steam as well as through PC Game Pass. It will also be available later on Xbox Series X/S and will be joining the Xbox Game Pass catalogue then too.

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