Paramount's Halo Season 2 will tackle the fall of Reach

A trailer for the upcoming season of Paramount+'s Halo TV series teases the Covenant's invasion of Reach and humanity's desperate struggle to survive.


Paramount+ had a mixed bag on its hand with the first season of the Halo television series, but it still did well enough to garner a second season, and Season 2 of the show looks as explosive as it is bleak. For good reason, too. Halo Season 2 will seemingly focus entirely on the war and eventual fall of the planet Reach. As one of the major places where the Spartan soldiers were developed, and a bastion of humanity, it looks like things around to get very intense in the show.

Paramount showed off the latest trailer for the second season of the Halo TV series via the Halo Twitter this week. The new season looks battle-heavy as the Covenant find their way to the planet of Reach. It’s one of the most important human planets and the place where the Spartan soldiers like Master Chief were developed. With the Covenant throwing everything they’ve got at the planet, we see the Elites and other Covenant forces drop on the planet and engage in combat with Spartans and normal humans trying desperately to survive.

Halo Twitter tweets about the second season on Paramount+.
Season 2 of Paramount+'s Halo TV series will tackle the fall of the planet Reach, so don't expect a happy ending on this one.
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If you know the story of Halo, then you probably know full well that Reach wasn’t a winning fight for the humans. The Covenant laid waste to nearly anything and everything before glassing the planet with orbital strikes. The Pillar of Autumn command ship was only just barely able to survive and escape in the events of the games, taking Master Chief with them and giving humanity a last chance against Covenant forces. That means Season 2 of Halo is probably going to be a bit of an emotional downer. Feelings were mixed on the first season, due in large part to creative liberties taken with the plot and especially regarding Cortana. However, it looks like Season 2 could be a much more palpable series of episodes, if only because it’s based on one of the most sensational plot points in the history of the IP.

Paramount was quick to renew Halo for another season back in 2022, so it will be interesting to see if the new one pays off. With the new season set to stream on Paramount+ on February 8, stay tuned for more details and updates on the show here at Shacknews.

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