Dragon's Dogma 2 showcase reveals parallel world & Trickster vocation

Players will explore a world that mirrors the original Dragon's Dogma's world, but with new quests and mysteries, and they can do so as a new class.


Today, Capcom shared a wealth of new details about Dragon’s Dogma 2 during a special presentation dedicated to the game. There, we got a look at a world that is similar to the first game, but contains a wealth of new adventures and encounters. We also learned of the new Trickster vocation, which will rely on casting status effects on monsters and foes to keep them off balance and fighting each other more than they fight you.

All of this information was revealed during the Dragon’s Dogma 2 showcase on the Capcom YouTube channel on November 28, 2023. One of the biggest reveals out of the gate was that players will explore a very similar world to the first Dragon’s Dogma, what the developers referred to as a “parallel world”. It may look similar to the first game, but it has its own kingdoms, factions, monsters, and quests to unravel. In essence, it’s a world spruced up and repopulated with a wealth of new adventures to explore.

The Trickster using smoke from their Censer weapon in combat to defeat foes in Dragon's Dogma 2
Using the Censer's smoke and swinging it like a mace, the new Trickster vocation can inflict status effects on foes and make them fight each other in Dragon's Dogma 2.
Source: Capcom

Another interesting aspect of the Dragon’s Dogma 2 showcase was the reveal of the Trickster vocation. Much like character classes, vocations determine your stats, abilities, weaponry, and more. The Trickster vocation focuses on status effects and misdirection. Using a smoke billowing Censer as their main weapon, you’ll blast enemies with different misty attacks that can confuse, debuff, and otherwise weaken them. The developers even shared that you can turn foes against one another with some of the Trickster’s talents. It looks like a devious way to fight in the new game, but the vocation will be confined to player characters. Pawns (your personal bodyguards in the game) won’t be able to become Tricksters.

We learned of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s release date earlier today, and with the new details revealed in the showcase, the game is looking more than exciting. As we look towards March 2024 for its release, stay tuned for more updates and news leading up to the game’s launch.

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