BlizzCon World of Warcraft trivia with cosplayers

Do you think you could correctly answer all of the World of Warcraft questions Greg asks the cosplayers?


BlizzCon is a magical time of year for fans of Blizzard games. Whether you love World of Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, Starcraft, or something else, it’s always good to mingle with like-minded people and enjoy the experience. To add a bit of competition into the mix, Shacknews’ own Greg Burke decided to offer patrons a friendly bout of trivia. Check out how they went!

For those readers here that are familiar with World of Warcraft, take a moment and see if you can answer the questions that Greg throws out. There are only three questions, but don’t fool yourself: they’re certainly not easy. In fact, you can see how tough they are by the subtle prompting and help Greg has to give some of the cosplayers. Anyone that scored three correct answers was given a special prize too! 

There was plenty more to enjoy from BlizzCon and we here at Shacknews have covered a lot of it. You can find exclusive interviews with the developers on our Shacknews Interviews channel and more fun videos like this on our main channel, Shacknews. Read more about the annual event on our BlizzCon page.

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