Take a look at the Hasbro 2023 product showcase

From a new Furby line, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Risk, to Star Wars and Marvel, check out what Hasbro has been working on over 2023.


As we rocket into the end quarter of the year, thoughts of toys are no doubt circling your head. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or a loved one, it’s always an enjoyable moment traipsing down the toy aisle to see what new goodies are available. We had the pleasure of attending the Hasbro 2023 product showcase, and have for you a wealth of information about what new exciting toys the company has created. Please, take a look!

Remember Furby? The lovable chatty toy is back and now comes with a suite of cool lights, movements, and recognizes all new phrases. As you can see in the video, by pressing the heart on the Furby’s head and saying “Hey, Furby”, it’s ears will light up green indicating it is ready to receive a command. From here, users can say things like Dance Party, Let’s Chill, and even Lightshow. The last of these makes Furby’s ears perform a relaxing light show for 10 minutes, which is a great way to unwind while preparing for sleep.

Magic: The Gathering continues to be a trading card game that dominates the conversation. Each new expansion shakes up the formula and the latest, The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, sounds to be just as revolutionary. The expansion features dinosaurs and is set in a Mesoamerican setting. Of course, the first thing you think of when you hear “dinosaurs” is Jurassic Park, which is why the company has these special Jurassic World cards, like the Ian Malcolm, Chaotician collectible card. Then there’s the Universes Beyond collaborations, which features some incredible Lord of the Rings cards.

Dungeons & Dragons is no doubt seeing a surge in popularity thanks to the release of Baldur’s Gate 3. Those who are looking to get into it, now might be the best time as Wizards of the Coast looks to release some new books, like The Deck of Many Things. This collection is rather impressive, with players able to get their hands on an actual deck of tarot-sized cards that Dungeon Masters can use to create their own decks.

Clue is such an iconic game that it should come as no surprise that Hasbro has created a new spin-off board game. Enter: Clue Conspiracy, a five-versus-five experience where the objective for one team is to murder a target while the other team tries to prevent it. Then there’s Clue Escape which is sort of like Clue’s take on the massively popular escape room activity. There was also a card game called Risk Strike: all the intensity of a full Risk game boiled down into a heated 20 minutes.

Star Wars fans rejoice, because Hasbro has certainly not forgotten you. During this year’s showcase, Hasbro had plenty to reveal including a lot of Ahsoka figurines and collectibles. There’s almost too much to tally as the representative showed off various drones, Mandalorian weaponry, animatronic robots, and of course everyone’s favorite: Baby Yoda.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Hasbro showcase if we didn’t check out some Marvel toys. This year we get to look at a collection of Avengers figures featuring some classic costume designs. There’s Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and even Black Panther. Beyond toys, Hasbro showed off some incredible sculptures of Spider-Man collectibles, which is just in time for the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

There are a lot of exciting toys and figurines to check out at this year’s Hasbro 2023 showcase. Make sure you head over to the Hasbro site to see everything you saw here today. If you enjoyed this, don’t forget to swing by the Shacknews Interviews YouTube channel where you’ll find more of these showcases as well as unboxing videos.

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