Apex Legends Season 19 brings cross progressions, Storm Point changes, and Conduit

Respawn Entertainment is making some highly-requested quality-of-life changes alongside the new content in Apex Legends' latest season.


Apex Legends is less than a week away from the start of Season 19. While we already know that a new season means a new Legend and a new Battle Pass, developer Respawn Entertainment has some extra surprises up its sleeve for players. The latest Season of Apex Legends will add cross progression, remove ranked party restrictions, and bring changes to the Storm Point map.

Conduit brings an electrifying dynamic to Apex Legends with her unique kit. During an early preview, I got to take the character for a spin and see what she’s capable of. Conduit’s Radiant Transfer Tactical Ability provides additional shields to a nearby teammate and herself via an electric surge. Her Passive Ability is called Savior Speed and gives her a speed boost when running towards enemies outside of tactical range. Lastly, Conduit can use her Energy Barricade to create a field that slows and deals a small amount of damage to enemies within.

Conduit on the battlefield, smiling.

Source: EA

The Storm Point map was released back in Season 11, and the team at Respawn has decided that it’s time to give it a revamp. Energized Storm Point is a full overhaul of the map that will completely change how players play it. The map is a bit smaller, a choice that Respawn hopes will increase tension and get players into skirmishes quicker. New points of interest include Zeus Station, Devastated Coast, and Echo HQ.

In addition to the new content in Apex Legends Season 19, Respawn Entertainment will finally be adding cross-progression, a long-requested community feature. Players with Apex Legends accounts across different systems will be able to merge them into one account, combining cosmetic libraries and personal stats. Apex will take whichever account has the highest ranked rating and treat it as a “master” account.

A new point of interest on Energized Storm Point.

Source: EA

I was also informed that Apex Legends will do away with its party restrictions in Ranked mode. Previously, you could only queue up for Ranked matches with players whose ranks were within a certain range of yours, preventing some friends from playing with each other and encouraging players to make “smurf” accounts that would allow them to party up with their buddies. This is going away in Season 19, and players can queue for Ranked matches with whoever their heart desires.

Apex Legends kicks off next week and will have no shortage of new content for players to dive into, while also easing some of the non-gameplay related frustration with the battle royale title. Be sure to stick with Shacknews for the latest Apex Legends news and updates.

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