PC keybindings & controls - Cities: Skylines 2

Learn the controls and button inputs for the PC version of Cities: Skylines 2.

Colossal Order

Cities: Skylines 2 is a rich and comprehensive city builder with an equally robust control setup. Players just entering the game would do well to learn all the keybindings on offer and even adjust some so that the controls are to their liking. Below you’ll find a table that details each input on PC so you don’t have to go diving through the settings.

PC keybindings & controls

A wide angle look at a city with the population information on-screen

Source: Colossal Order

The controls for Cities: Skylines 2 are rather straightforward, with most of the inputs being responsible for camera controls and opening up various information panels. There are a few actions that do not have an input set, which you can adjust should you so desire.

Cities: Skylines 2 PC keybindings & controls
Action Input
Back Esc
Move Camera Forward W
Move Camera Backward S
Move Camera Left A
Move Camera Right D
Rotate Camera Up T
Rotate Camera Down G
Rotate Camera Left Q
Rotate Camera Right E
Zoom Out F
Zoom In R
Cancel Tool Esc
Next Tool Mode (not set)
Toggle Snapping (not set)
Pause Menu Esc
Pause Simulation Space
Switch Speed (not set)
Bulldozer B
Decrease Elevation Page Down
Increase Elevation Page Up
Continue Tutorial (not set)
Previous Tutorial (not set)
Advisor Panel (not set)
Normal Speed 1
Fast Speed 2
Super Fast Speed 3
Quicksave F5
Quickload F9
Focus Selection U
Hide UI `
Map Tiles M
Info View Input
Progression  P
City Economy Z
City Information C
City Statistics V
Transporation Overview X
Chirper (not set)
Followed Citizens (not set)
Event Journal (not set)
Radio (not set)
Photo Mode .
Take Photo Enter
Clone (Editor) C
Auto Connect (Editor) O
Align Z (Editor) Z
Align Y (Editor) Y
Align X (Editor) X
Auto Align (Editor) P
Move Selected (Editor) M
Info Panel Left Mouse Button
Apply Tool Left Mouse Button
Secondary Apply Tool Right Mouse Button

Spend a bit of time familiarizing yourself with the PC keybindings and controls of Cities: Skylines 2 before you dive in. Remember you can always adjust any of the inputs to suit your preferences. Take a look at our Cities: Skylines 2 page for more information on the latest entry in the series.

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