Pokemon GO Party Play feature goes live this week

Up to four nearby Trainers can show up together on the overworld map for some friendly fun.


It's been over seven years since Niantic and The Pokemon Company released Pokemon GO. The mobile gaming phenomenon continues to thrive, but there undeniably remains more that the development team can do to make it better. One of those things was revealed with more detail on Monday, as Niantic officially unveiled Party Play.

Revealed on the Pokemon GO website, Party Play allows friends at Level 15 or greater to join together in close proximity and share their Pokemon GO experience together. Friends can see their avatars on the in-game map, take part in various party tasks to earn bonus items, and even join together in raids for massive boosts. Shacknews recently witnessed a demonstration from the Niantic team, which allowed teams of 3-4 players to stand against even the most powerful Four-to-Five-Star Raid Pokemon with little trouble with the new Party Power feature that doubles the damage of Charged Attacks.

Taking on Party Challenges in Pokemon GO

Source: Niantic

To start a Party, players only need to open their Trainer profile and open the new Party tab. They'll be prompted to tap Create, which generates a QR code that can be shared with three nearby Trainers. They don't even have to be on your Friends list, but that's certainly a bonus. Once up to four players are in a Party, they can take on various Party Challenges and band together for rewards.

Pokemon GO's Party Play feature begins this Tuesday, October 17. Players are encouraged to try them out throughout the rest of the month for Pokemon's various Halloween events, which includes the Pokemon GO debut of Darkrai in Five-Star Raids. Of course, Party Play will remain active well beyond this period, including during November's Wooper and Paldean Wooper Community Day event.

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