Team Fortress 2 celebrates Halloween with Scream Fortress 15

A full decade and a half of Scream Fortress events introduces a dozen new community-made maps to Team Fortress 2.


The Halloween season means that time has arrived once again for the PC gaming world. Perennial favorite Team Fortress 2 is getting decked out for the holiday season. Scream Fortress has returned for its 15th year and the community has been working harder than ever to make this one extra special.

A whopping 12 new community-made maps are joining the Scream Fortress rotation. They are Perks, Slime, Lava Pit, Mannsylvania, Sandcastle, Spineyard, Corruption, Murky, Atoll, Woods, Sanitarium, and Devastation. Beyond offering new holiday-themed scenery, the community has gone the extra mile to add some new gimmicks. Perks, for example, lives up to its name by offering random perks to certain team members. Mannsylvania features a vampire powerup that buffs players upon exiting its underworld. Spineyard may look like a standard payload map until a bunch of mobster skeletons with Tommy guns show up to wreak havoc.

An overview of the holiday-themed Spineyard map in Team Fortress 2
Watch out for rampaging mafia skeletons in Spineyard!
Source: Steam

Be sure to also look out for the new Bone-Chilling Bonanza Case filled with new community-created cosmetic items. There are some new taunts in the Mann Store, plus new Unusual effects for both hats and taunts. If you're more of an old-school TF2 player, all of the past years' Scream Fortress maps are back in the rotation. Just jump into the Special Events category in Casual matchmaking.

More details on Scream Fortress XV can be found on Steam. Team Fortress 2's Scream Fortress XV event will continue through Tuesday, November 7. It's another example of the devoted TF2 community stepping up long after Valve officially stopped creating its own Halloween content.

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