Battlefield 2042 Season 6 update adds close-quarters Redacted map

Leave your vehicles at home for Battlefield 2042's newest map.

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The Halloween holiday is approaching, and while Battlefield 2042 doesn't deal with supernatural spookiness (mostly), it does want to convey a sense of fear for Season 6. Titled Dark Creations, EA and DICE are teasing an environment where fear is around every corner. It's a sensation that comes with claustrophobia, amplified by the new Season 6 map called Redacted.

The new Battlefield 2042 map, Redacted, is set in the Scottish Hebrides where a hidden tech-research facility conducts classified experiments. Taking cues from maps like Battlefield 4's Operation Locker and Battlefield 3's Operation Metro, this is a purely close-quarters affair. Vehicles are not allowed due to the map's tight dimensions. Emphasis is placed on in-your-face combat and well-coordinated infantry squads.

Battlefield 2042 Redacted map's interior
The new Redacted map promises to keep battles close and personal.
Source: Electronic Arts

Season 6 will also include some new weapons. The VHX D3 is touted as a futuristic assault rifle hailed for its portability and its usefulness in close-range combat. If enemies get a little too close, let them have it with the semi-automatic L9CZ sidearm. Those who want to fight from a little farther away can opt for the new G428 DMR, which sports a high accuracy stat. With squads fighting more on foot, Season 6 will debut a new feature called Pouches. These can replenish health or ammo for nearby teammates, so players are encouraged to leave them in accessible places to help keep the fight going.

Just because Redacted doesn't allow for vehicles doesn't mean that DICE is skipping them for Season 6. Look for a new two-person transport called the YUV-2 Pondhawk to make its debut. This is meant less for combat and more for quick transport, as the transport can swiftly take two players to an objective point or to an outnumbered squad for support.

As with every new Battlefield 2042 season, expect to see a new Battle Pass with weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and cosmetics. DICE is also teasing a Halloween event, with more information coming later this month. Plus, expect to see some quality-of-life improvements, such as Aim Assist for console players, vehicle handling improvements, and balance tweaks. Look for more information on the Battlefield website. Battlefield 2042 Season 6: Dark Creations kicks off on Tuesday, October 10.

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