Foundry is an upcoming sci-fi factory sim being published by Paradox Interactive

Foundry will have players crafting massive automated industry on procedurally-generated planets, and a demo will be available next week.

It looks like the factory sim genre is about to get a little bit more competition in the near future as Paradox Interactive joins the fun with the recently revealed Foundry. Coming out of Paradox’s publishing wing, Foundry is a game from new studio Channel 3 Entertainment. It will have players taking on the role of robots deployed on procedurally-generated planets where they must harvest resources from randomized surroundings and create a network of industry and manufacturing.

Paradox Interactive and Channel 3 Entertainment revealed Foundry via a trailer on the Paradox Interactive’s YouTube channel. Set in first-person format, players are robots dropped onto randomly-generated voxel-based worlds full of flora, fauna, unique biomes, scattered resources, and more. Each block of terrain is said to be manipulable or destructible, so you can terraform to your heart’s content. Your task is to take in resources and build up a factory from the first conveyor belts and programming up to a fully-automated network. Along the way, you’ll even be able to build other robots to assist in your efforts. However, you can also play multiplayer in Foundry. Channel 3 recommends 2-4 players, but there’s actually no firm player cap at the moment.

Perhaps just as important is that Foundry is getting a free demo on PC next week during the Steam Next Fest. Players will be able to download and check out an early look at what Foundry has to offer, allowing them to dip their toes into its voxelated and industrious fun.

It’s fairly easy to see that Foundry wears a few of its inspirations on its sleeves, not the least of which is the first-person and co-op style of building that we’ve been enjoying in Coffee Stain Publishing’s Satisfactory. There’s also the procedural generation, which might be more akin to Factorio. If Foundry can mesh these winning factors together, plus bring a few of its own surprises, it seems sure we’re going to enjoy something good when we get to playing it. After all, one of the things you seem to be able to do is build inside of mountains and rocky terrain.

Subterranean building in Foundry
It seems industry will even reach into the depths in Foundry, allowing players to build underground as they create their factory network.
Source: Channel 3 Entertainment

Outside of the demo available on Steam Next Fest from October 9 to October 16, we don’t know when Foundry is coming or if it will remain confined to PC, but it can be wishlisted on Steam as well. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.


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