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Find out where to get permanent stat buffs for your character in Dogtown.


Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty has introduced a slew of secrets and surprises for players to discover throughout the game, including a reliable way to get permanent stat upgrades for your character. However, this method isn’t free, so you may want to save up some Eddies before seeking out these permanent buffs. Permanent upgrades can be found in the game’s newest district, Dogtown, and come in the form of single-use consumable items. These differ from the consumable skill shards, which grant XP for specific skills. 

Where to get permanent stat upgrades

A screenshot of a consumable item offering a permanent Stamina Regen increase in Cyberpunk 2077.

Source: CD Projekt RED

The consumable upgrades in question are found at various vendors throughout Dogtown and typically cost $12,000 Eurodollars. These items grant permanent increases to character stats such as max health, stamina regen, and RAM recovery. While browsing a vendor’s stock, look for items with the iconic gold background as opposed to the black background of regular items. Food and medicine vendors, as well as bars and netrunners in Dogtown will be your best bet for finding these permanent buffs.

Check the vendors in the following locations:

  • EBM Petrochem Stadium: This is the massive stadium in Dogtown that houses the Black Market. Several vendors sell permanent upgrade consumables here alongside other valuable wares.
  • Longshore Stacks: The Medpoint vendor on the upper level sells an upgrade that permanently increases Max Health by 3.
  • Heavy Hearts Club: This is the huge neon pyramid in Dogtown. The bartender just beyond the dance floor sells a consumable that permanently increases Stamina Regen Rate.
A map image of a path leading from the stadium to Longshore Stacks in Dogtown.

Source: CD Projekt RED

Although these are labeled as consumables, you don’t actually have to go through consuming them yourself. Once you purchase a permanent upgrade, it will immediately be consumed and the buff will be applied to your character.

So far, we have only found these permanent consumables within Dogtown and have yet to find them at vendors in Night City, meaning you may need to own the Phantom Liberty expansion to find them at all. If you’ve got Eddies burning a hole in your pocket and have access to Dogtown, you might as well pick up a few of these consumable buffs to make your V that much better.

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