Everything revealed during RazerCon 2023

Shacknews recaps everything revealed during Razer's biggest showcase of the year.


Razer has returned with its latest showcase. The company was ready to show off its latest products and software updates to all types of players and streamers. RazerCon 2023 saw the reveal of some new Razer products, updates, and collaborations, and it may be a lot to take in, which is why Shacknews is here with a full recap.

Everything revealed during RazerCon 2023

Here's everything that was revealed during Thursday's RazerCon 2023 presentation.

Razer achieves environmental goal ahead of schedule

Razer achieves environmental goals at RazerCon 2023

Source: Razer

Razer had previously pledged to power its corporate officers worldwide with renewable energy by 2025. The company announced at RazerCon that it had achieved this goal two years ahead of that target. Every one of Razer's offices is now powered by renewable energy sources.

Furthermore, the company has reduced its carbon emissions by 90 percent since setting these lofty environmental goals in 2019. As a whole, Razer expects a 55 percent reduction in carbon intensity before 2030 while its product line is made by up to 40 percent recycled materials.

Razer Axon adds AI-created wallpaper

Razer Axon Create from RazerCon 2023

Source: Razer

Last year's RazerCon ended with the launch of the Razer Axon Wallpaper PC App. This allows users to download dynamic desktop wallpapers that work in conjunction with Razer's Chroma RGB technology and other Razer products.

This year, Razer is looking to improve on it with Axon Create, a new feature that allows users to create wallpaper by submitting requests to an AI system. Simply enter a text prompt, watch the AI generate the art based on the prompt, connect it to the Razer Chroma RGB framework, and apply it to the desktop.

'The New Razer Synapse' is Synapse's biggest update yet

The New Razer Synapse at RazerCon 2023

Source: Razer

Following up on Razer Synapse 3, this update has proven substantial enough for Razer to coin it 'The New Razer Synapse.' The software has been refined to allow for processes to operate independently and allow for devices to upgrade without interrupting other Razer machines.

User-friendliness has been prioritized, whether it's the improved user interface or the overall improvement in speed and efficiency. Macro creation speeds are up 66 percent, driver installation speed is up 84 percent, and setting configuration speed is up 76 percent. Razer also makes sure to note that controls have been overhauled to allow for greater control of individual settings from one central menu.

On top of that, in an effort to increase efficiency, Razer Chroma RGB will no longer be controlled through Synapse. This is instead being broken off into its own standalone app in an effort to allow Synapse users a greater focus on non-Chroma settings.

Razer Blade x Lamborghini

Razer Blade 16 x Lamborghini at RazerCon 2023

Source: Razer

Razer Blade laptops have never quite veered into the luxurious realm. In addition to the 2024 Razer Blade lineup, Razer is looking to issue its first luxury-line Razer Blade 16 by collaborating with Automobili Lamborghini.

The Razer Blade 16 x Automobili Lamborghini Edition is considered to be the absolute top of the line among Razer Blade laptops. Built with a custom CNC-milled chassis, this laptop will include an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU, a 13th Gen Intel Core i9 HX Processor, and the world's first dual-mode Mini-LED display, which will allow for 4K 120Hz and FHD+ 240Hz 16:10 native resolutions.

Look for other bells and whistles to help hammer home the Lamborghini-branded luxury, including custom USB ports, orange keyboard backlight, and unique boot sequence. It'll even come with Assetto Corsa Competizione, just to hammer home this automobile partnership. Those interested in this laptop should be prepared to spend a pretty penny. It's going to retail for a whopping $4,999.99 USD. On top of that, it's going to be extremely rare with only 150 manufactured. It'll be available exclusively through Razer and Razer Stores. Expect details on a release date and how to acquire one soon.

Razer x Dolce & Gabbana

Razer Enki Dolce & Gabbana at RazerCon 2023

Source: Razer

As part of Razer's continuing pursuit into gamer gear and apparel, the company announced at RazerCon that it would be partnering with Dolce & Gabbana for a new line of luxury peripherals. Look for a Dolce & Gabbana version of the Barracuda headset, which comes with a 24K gold plated finish and the recognizable D&G logo. Like the Razer Blade 16 x Automobili Lamborghini Edition, only a limited number of these will be manufactured. Only 1337 Dolce & Gabbana Barracudas will be produced. It'll be available at the end of the year through Razer's website.

The Dolce & Gabbana collaboration will also extend to gamer chairs. A Razer Dolce & Gabbana chair will feature the D&G logo throughout, topped by a 24K gold plated logo along the back. A zebra print design along the front of the chair will lead to some luxurious comfort. Only 1337 units will be manufactured and will be available at the end of the year through Razer's website.

Razer Fujin and Fujin Pro add mesh to Razer's chair line

The Razer Fujin Pro chair at RazerCon 2023

Source: Razer

To complement the Iskur and Enki chair lines, Razer is now adding its own mesh office ergo chair called the Razer Fujin Pro. An ultra-high quality mesh made with thermoplastic elastomer polyester allows for a new sense of breathability and uninterrupted air flow. It looks like a thin material, but Razer is touting the chair's high resistance to wear and tear, noting that it can withstand scratches, dust, and spills. It's also supposed by an aluminum alloy frame that can support up to 300 pounds (136 kg).

The Razer Fujin Pro also has a high level of adjustability. The lumbar support can have both its height and depth adjusted to the user's preference. The mounted headset, meanwhile, can have its contour adjusted in three different ways. Armrests are fully adjustable.

While it looks like a standard office chair, Razer's features will mean this will get a heftier-than-average price tag. It will release in November for $1,049 USD. The standard Fujin, which will come without the adjustable headrest and use a nylon frame instead of an aluminum one, will sell for $649 USD.

Razer lighting beyond the PC and laptop

The Razer living room from RazerCon 2023

Source: Razer

Razer prides itself on its Chroma RGB framework and now it's looking to extend it to other parts of the house. The Razer Aether Light Strip will allow users to apply Chroma RGB magic almost anywhere. The two-meter strip is meant to help complement a user's game room, but really, it could be placed anywhere in the house. It can also be extended up to eight times for a much larger reach.

The Razer Aether Light Bulb can be placed in most standard lamps and is powered by the Razer Chroma RGB framework. Your lamps will now glow at the color of whatever your Razer Chroma RGB software is set to. Both E26 and E27 sizes will be available to fit a greater variety of lamps in more regions.

The Razer Aether Lamp is a straight-up Razer lamp, offering single Razer Chroma RGB coloring anywhere. A Pro version of this item will include a multizone feature, allowing users to light up the room with multiple colors at once.

Razer will have a proprietary app to help control these Aether lighting products from mobile devices, giving users the ability to change colors, schedule events, and coordinate colors with certain gaming moments. They'll also be supported by Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The Razer Aether Light Strip will retail for $129.99 USD, the Razer Light Bulb will go for $49.99 USD, the Razer Aether Lamp will sell for $79.99 USD, and the Razer Aether Lamp Pro will be priced slightly higher at $129.99 USD. All of these products will be available Q4 2023.

Razer Huntsman V3 Pro aims for the high-end player

Razer Huntsman V3 Pro keyboards at RazerCon 2023

Source: Razer

Razer unveiled the latest in its esports-focused Huntsman keyboard line with the Huntsman V3 Pro. This will feature the new Razer Analog Optical Switch Gen-2 switches, which features Rapid Trigger for ultra-fast repeated inputs, a 0.1-4.0mm adjustable actuation range, and a 100-million keystroke lifespan. Designed for durability and repeated actions, the Huntsman V3 Pro features an aircraft-grade aluminum metal finish, a dedicated dial for volume and switch settings located along the top-right of the keyboard, an onboard LED array, and an ergonomic leatherette wrist support.

Users can enter Actuation Adjustment Mode by hitting the FN + Tab keys, which allows players to set their desired actual point through the digital dial or the arrow keys. FN + Caps Lock will enter Rapid Trigger Adjustment Mode, which can help adjust trigger sensitivity. Different profiles can be set for different users with shortcuts able to switch between user profiles at the press of a few hotkeys.

With all of the functions expected of a Razer product, including support for Razer Chroma RGB, the Huntsman V3 Pro will retail for $249.99 USD. A tenkeyless version will sell for $219.99 USD. Finally, a mini version will go for $179.99 USD. All three will be available in October.

That's everything revealed during RazerCon 2023. Keep it on Shacknews as we continue to follow the latest moves from Razer and other major players in PC gaming.

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