Destiny 2's crafted weapon glitch turned the game into Borderlands

Auto Rifles firing Shotgun rounds? Forebearance with triple waves? Linears with Aggressive Frames? This weekend was bonkers.


It’s not every day that a bug in Destiny 2 dramatically changes the entire landscape of the game. Sure, we’ve had the API disabled at the start of a season leaving us unable to use DIM. We’ve even been unable to use loadouts to their full effect since the start of Season 21. But Destiny 2’s crafted weapon glitch takes the cake. Weapons were crafted featuring perks and frames that they had no business using. This turned the game into some wild, Bungie version of Borderlands, if only for the weekend.

For those getting up to speed, players discovered a massive weapon crafting glitch that allows them to take the perks of one weapon type and place it on another. The process involved limiting frame rates, choking internet bandwidth, and quickly changing the screens at the weapon crafting station. The end result are weapons that play like they’re pulled straight out of Borderlands, a game known for its absolutely preposterous and outlandish weaponry.

One weapon in particular proved popular over the weekend: Ammit AR2. This Auto Rifle was already making waves in PVP before this glitch was discovered, but once players could give it a Shotgun frame things got silly. Instead of firing one round at 450 rounds per minute, it fired a scattershot of rounds at the same speed and at the same bullet dropoff range. Suffice it to say, the thing was deadly and Crucible and Trials of Osiris quickly descended into madness.

Bungie addressed the problem in a few posts on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, noting that the team is aware of the problem and will be developing a fix but for the time being “let’s all have some fun!” Players took this as a free pass to see what other nonsense they could craft.

A Kinetic Grenade Launcher featuring a Wave Frame.

A Bow, Scout Rifle, and Linear Fusion Rifle each with a Shotgun Frame and Explosive Rounds.

A breach-loaded Grenade Launcher with a Rapid Fire Frame.

A Rufus’s Fury with… maybe some Machine Gun Frame?

Whatever is going on here.

These weapons are some out-of-left-field creations that fundamentally break Destiny 2. Despite how broken these are, and how unbalanced Crucible is, players have expressed joy at the sheer madness of what’s going on in the game. Moments like these rally the community and show that players are willing to try something completely bonkers if it means a break from the usual and expected.

However, all good things must come to an end, and in the interest of the game’s health, Bungie has started deploying updates to fix these “illegal” crafted weapons. To start with, Bungie will disable specific perks and frames on Legendary and Exotic weapons. Following this, an update will see illegitimate perks be replaced.

The weekend of crazy Borderlands weapons in Destiny 2 has come to a close, but its memory will live on. Once the dust has settled and the team that spent the weekend fixing this gets some rest, perhaps Bungie might look at why this was such a popular weekend and try to use it as inspiration for something moving forward. For now, maybe we can all agree that Cerberus+1 could use some love.

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