High Price to Pay: Defend the Lodge or go to the Eye - Starfield

You've got a big decision to make High Price to Pay, and it will have serious consequences for your Starfield playthrough.


Starfield is a game where player choice is always front and center, and that’s never truer than during the High Price to Pay mission where you must choose to either defend the Lodge or go to The Eye. I’ll explain what’s on the line but be warned that major story spoilers await if you continue reading.

Defend the Lodge or go to the Eye

An image warning the player of spoilers for High Price to Pay in Starfield

This decision comes down to choosing which one of your companions will live and which one will die. The tricky part is that it won’t be the same choice for each player. The companions you must choose from will differ depending on your situation, so I’ll explain to you what’s on the line and how to know the stakes of your choice.

Back during the Short Sighted mission, your character traveled to the Eye to talk to Vladimir and help with some repairs. You may recall doing some welding. When you left the Eye, you were saddled with a companion. You and that companion traveled to the Scow to try and get the Artifact from Captain Petrov in a mission called No Sudden Moves. After that, you traveled back to the Lodge, which is when the High Price to Pay mission kicks off.

At the beginning of that mission, the companion that helped you get the Artifact from Captain Petrov will be at the Lodge, and your other companions will be on the Eye. The companion at the Lodge will die if you choose to go to the Eye. If you choose to defend the Lodge, the companion that Vladimir said was bleeding out on the Eye will die. In my case, Sarah Morgan was with me at the Lodge, and Sam Coe was bleeding out on the Eye. I opted to go to the Eye to save Sam Coe, and when I returned to the Lodge Sarah Morgan was dead. Who lives and who dies in your game will depend on who is with you at the Lodge, who is bleeding out on the Eye, and who you choose to go to or defend.

How does Starfield choose the two companions that could potentially die? It appears to be the two companions that you have the highest affinity with. In this way, you can get some control over who lives and dies. For example, if you absolutely do not want to lose Sam Coe or Sarah Morgan, make sure you spend a lot of time with Andreja and Barrett before you start the Short Sighted mission. Do things they like and increase their affinity for you, this way both Sam Coe and Sarah Morgan will be safe come High Price to Pay.

Now that you know what you’re getting into with the choice to defend the Lodge or go to The Eye, head over to our Starfield Strategy Guide for more help with everything you need to make the most of your journey.

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