Starfield 'do you own this game or app' and 'are you too early' error

Some players are encountering a 'too early' or ownership error when trying to load up Starfield.


Starfield is officially available for all players regardless of what edition they purchased, but some are running into a couple of issues. Those who are looking to play may encounter an error that says they’re too early or even questions whether they own the game. The good news is that Xbox is aware and there’s an explanation for why this is happening.

Starfield: “Do you own this game” and “too early” error

It’s September 5, which means Starfield has released across PC and Xbox as well as through Game Pass. Those who are trying to get in might see an error that asks, “Do you own this game or app?” Some may even encounter one that asks, “Are you too early?” Xbox Support has put out a message acknowledging the problem and offers an explanation and a fix.

Image of a tweet from XboxSupport addressing the do you own this game and too early error

Source: Shacknews

The text reads: “If you experience any issues getting into Starfield today, please note that we are rolling out the game and it may take time to propagate through the system. If you receive an error message such as ‘do you own this game or app?’ or ‘are you too early’ – please be patient and try again shortly.”

Due to how popular Starfield is, Xbox is rolling out the game, meaning it will be hitting different regions at slightly different times. This is to ensure a smoother day-one experience for players and, if you didn’t preload, faster downloads.

The solution to the game ownership or the problem of apparently being too early is to simply wait a moment and try again. It’s not much of a fix, but it’s the one we’ve been given. Chalk this one up to Starfield’s extreme popularity and Xbox doing what it can to ensure everyone has a smooth entry into the game’s vast universe. Navigate to our Starfield Strategy Guide for a wealth of information on the game, from quests and weapons to everything you need to know about ship building, smuggling, and more.

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