How to get The Spacer - Starfield

The Spacer is a unique pistol that players can buy for a reasonable price in Starfield.


There’s a unique weapon for every style of play in Starfield, and we’re busy rounding them all up and telling you how to get them. Today, we’re going to cover The Spacer, a unique pistol that players can simply buy if have the funds.

How to get The Spacer

An image showing The Spacer unique pistol in Starfield
The Spacer unique pistol in Starfield can be modded to deal non-lethal damage, if you're into that kind of thing.

The Spacer can be bought from Arboron in the Ryujin Industries building on Neon. To find this location, travel to the Volii system and land at Neon on Volii Alpha. The Ryujin Industries building is at one end of the main street, opposite the Astral Lounge. The weapon can normally be purchased for 15,207 Credits, and less if you’ve invested in the Commerce skill to get a reduction in prices.

The Spacer unique pistol has a few benefits that may intrigue players, such as the seven available mod slots, and the fact that it shoots the Light Fuse ammo type. This means the weapon could be modded to do non-lethal damage if you’re attempting a full non-lethal playthrough. Otherwise, the pistol itself comes with the Space-Adept perk, giving it +30 percent damage while in space and -15 percent damage while on a planet.

Whether The Spacer makes sense to you is going to be based entirely on what you’re trying to accomplish and the style that you wish to play. While my character does use a lot of pistols, reduction in damage on the surface of a planet is a bit of a deal breaker for me.

If you want more help with finding all the unique weapons you could dream of, visit our Starfield Strategy Guide and keep it locked on Shacknews for all your Starfield content.

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