How to get the N67 Smartgun - Starfield

The N67 Smartgun is a unique Heavy weapon that will serve you well in Starfield.


Success in Starfield’s combat is all about finding the right weapons for your style of play, but sometimes a weapon can be so good that it’s objectively good. Enter the N67 Smartgun, a Heavy weapon that’s both easy to acquire and can handle the toughest situations.

How to get the N67 Smartgun

An image showing the location where players can buy the N67 Smartgun in Starfield
The N67 Smartgun can be purchased from UC Distribution in the Commercial District of New Atlantis in Starfield

The N67 Smartgun is purchased from UC Distribution in the Commercial District of New Atlantis for 38,713 Credits. This is assuming you don’t have any skill points spent on Commerce. If you have Commerce Rank 1, your price reduces to 36,777 Credits. The discounts will continue as you purchase more ranks of the Commerce skill, as will your prices for everything in the game.

You can buy N67 Smartgun early in the game if you have the funds. Luckily, you can earn Credits fast if you must. While this isn’t the type of weapon that I’d use often, it’s certainly good at chewing up tough enemies, such as the Terrormorph foes you’ll face throughout the UC Vanguard quests. The weapon also uses the common 7.77mm ammunition type, but with a 320-round magazine and a fire rate of 350 rounds per minute, you’ll smash through your reserves quickly. Thankfully, the N67 Smartgun can be modified at a weapon workbench, so you can improve upon what you’re purchasing at the UC Distribution center.

The N67 Smartgun is a great option for killing Terrormorphs in Starfield
The N67 Smartgun can be purchased for 38,713 Credits.

If you’re hard up for Credits, consider whether you’d rather own the N67 Smartgun, build a ship, or buy a house. While it is a fantastic weapon, you can get by just fine without it. If you’re like me, though, you’ll buy it just to display in your ship’s armory.

Now that you know how to get the N67 Smartgun, be sure to check out our Starfield Strategy Guide to get your hands on more unique weapons as you make your way through the stars.

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