How to enable god mode - Starfield

If you want to make your character un-killable, this is how you can enable god mode in Starfield.


One of the best things about playing Bethesda games on PC is the ability to use console commands. Today, I’ll show you how to enable god mode in Starfield so you can tank all the damage.

How to enable god mode

An image showing how to toggle god mode in Starfield

To enable god mode, press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard. You’ll get a warning that the use of some console commands will disable achievement progress. If you’re cool with that, type tgm into the console and press Enter. When god mode is enabled, press the tilde key again to exit the console.

It should be noted that enabling god mode does disable your ability to earn achievements, at least until the modding community takes care of that for us. It’s also important to note that god mode isn’t as potent in Starfield as it was in Fallout 4, for example. In Starfield, god mode doesn’t keep your ship from being destroyed, which will kill you. God mode also doesn’t let you craft anything you want regardless of your skills and unlocks, and it doesn’t give you infinite crafting materials. No, god mode in Starfield applies only to your character.

God mode will make you immune to damage while in combat with your character. It will also prevent you from consuming ammunition when you shoot, and from you using oxygen when you sprint. God mode will allow you infinite carry capacity as well.

While god mode is there if you need to use it, do so at your own discretion. If you think you can overcome your current obstacle without its use, that’s probably the way to go. If you absolutely must use it, at least the option is there for you.

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