How to rename your ship - Starfield

If you want to rename your ship, the option is hidden away in a menu that won't seem obvious.


In Starfield, you can customize your experience to a high degree, including renaming your ship. However, finding this option took me a bit longer than I’d like to admit, so no doubt there will be some out there who struggle as well. If you’re looking to change the name of your ship, I’ve got you covered.

Rename your ship

An image showing how to rename your ship in Starfield

To rename your ship you’ll need to do the following while speaking to one of the ship vendors:

  • Choose I’d like to view and modify my ships
  • Select Ship Builder
  • Select Flight Check
  • Choose Rename Ship

Yes, the option to change the name of your ship in Starfield is hidden behind some flight checks. It doesn’t make loads of sense to me, but at least we’ve found it and can start exploring in properly named ships.

It should be noted that changing the name of your ship won’t have any impact on gameplay. It’s purely a cosmetic choice so that you can live the space fantasy that you have chosen for yourself.

For more help with everything related to your journey through the stars, don’t forget to visit our Starfield Strategy Guide.

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