How to pick up, move & place items - Starfield

Did you know that you can pick up, move, and place items without adding them to your inventory?


Starfield is a game with a lot of hidden options that aren’t explained in the controls and key bindings. One of those options is to pick items up and move them around, placing them wherever you want. This can come in handy when loot is stashed inside a container, or if you want to do some decorating at your Outposts.

How to pick up, move & place items

An image showing a player placing an object in Starfield
Moving and placing objects will help you decorate your homes and outposts in Starfield

To pick up, move, and place items without adding them to your inventory, hold the E button on mouse and keyboard or the A button on an Xbox controller. When you no longer wish to hold the item, let go of the button and it will drop. This can be very handy when you’re looting, and you find a box or crate with items in it that you can’t get a good angle on. Just pick it up and drop it on the floor.

You can also use this system to manipulate items for placement. Once you pick an item up and you’re holding it, you can rotate it by using the left or right mouse button, or if you’re using an Xbox controller the right trigger and left trigger. This is particularly useful if you pick items up on your travels that you want to use to decorate your Outposts. For example, I picked up a soccer ball while looting a space station, then brought it back to my Outpost and set it on the desk in one of my structures. You can do this with almost any item you find in Starfield, allowing you to fully immerse yourself and build your dream home among the stars.

Thanks to at0micgarden in the comments for pointing out that if you press reload (X on Xbox - R on PC) while holding an item, you will throw it.

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      I believe there’s a way to throw the items as well. On the Xbox controller I think it’s X which I guess would be R/reload on PC. Not positive though… Needs confirmation!

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      Also, using left shift on PC, you can cycle through the axis for rotation with the mouse buttons. The default is the y axis, then comes the x axis, then the z axis and then again the y axis,

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