How to hide your Helmet & Spacesuit - Starfield

Here's how you can hide your Helmet and Spacesuit in favorable conditions.


A great deal of the places you visit in Starfield will require you to wear your Helmet and full Spacesuit. Not every planet or location has air to breathe, or elements suited for more casual attire. However, there are plenty of places where players can take off the Helmet and Spacesuit and relax a little. Instead of constantly equipping and removing these items, you can hide them.

Hide your Helmet & Spacesuit

An image showing how you can hide your helmet in Starfield
An image showing how to hide your Spacesuit in Starfield

To hide your Helmet & Spacesuit, simply bring up your Inventory. From there, select either your Helmet or your Spacesuit, then look at the menu at the bottom of the screen. For your Helmet, there will be an option to hide Helmet in breathable areas. For your Spacesuit, the option will be to hide Spacesuit in settlements.

The beauty of these options are that you don’t actually take either item off, so you’ll always have the protection of both your Helmet and your Spacesuit without having to look at them in more social environments. The only reason not to turn these options on would be if you really dig the look of your space gear. In fact, if you wear your Helmet in breathable areas, NPCs will comment that you don’t need to wear it.

Enabling the options to hide your Helmet and Spacesuit when they aren’t needed will also save you some grief. Early in my playthrough of Starfield, I walked off my ship without my Helmet on and started taking damage. It took me a second to figure it out and, when I did, I felt a little silly. Thankfully, that moment is behind me now that I’ve found the options to hide them.

Now that you know how to hide your Helmet and Spacesuit, be sure to visit our Starfield Strategy Guide, where we’ll help you with all the ins and outs of journey through the systems.

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