How to change your appearance - Starfield

If you're tired of the way your character looks in Starfield, why not change their appearance?


You’re going to be spending a fair amount of time looking at your character in Starfield, be it in third-person or as you get up from the cockpit seat of your ship. Should you grow tired of your appearance, you can change it easily, often, and for a fair price.

How to change your appearance

An image showing where players can change their appearance in Starfield
Players can change their appearance at any Enhance location in Starfield.

To change your appearance in Starfield, you must visit one of the Enhance locations at most of the major cities in the Settled System. Once there, you can pay 500 Credits to change your appearance, including your body type, walk style, skin tone, and even whether your character is muscular, thin, or heavy. When you’re happy with that, you can change every detail of your character’s face, just as you did in the original character creator. Finally, you can even change your name and pronouns. What you can’t change, however, is your background and the three traits that you chose for your character.

Enhance locations are in the major cities, including the following locations that we’ve confirmed:

  • New Atlantis, Jemison, Alpha Centauri
  • Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii
  • Akila City, Akila, Cheyenne

In New Atlantis you can find Enhance in the MAST district, between the Outland store and the Settled System News Network (SSN). In Akila City, Enhance is located past the end of the main street as you’re entering the city, just off to the left. In Neon, you’ll find Enhance in the main area with all the shops, a few steps away from the Space Port.

Now that you know how to change your appearance, visit our Starfield Strategy Guide for more help making your way through the stars.

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