How to wait, sleep & pass time - Starfield

If you're hoping to wait or pass time in Starfield, it's easier than you think.


Every now and then Starfield will ask players to wait for a certain amount of time before proceeding. This is often related to a quest, and for those of us who lack patience, we want to get the show on the road as quickly as possible. Here’s how you can wait and pass time in Starfield.

How to wait & pass time

The player is looking at a seat they can sit in

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A dialog box asks how long to wait

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To wait in Starfield, simply find a chair and sit in it. Once you’re seated, the game will give you the option to wait, and it will allow you to choose for how long. It should be noted, though, that the only benefit to sitting and waiting in Starfield is the passage of time. You cannot recover health by waiting. When the time has passed and you wish to get moving again, simply move your character and you’ll stand back up.

The player looks at a bed

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A dialog box asks how long to sleep

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A second way to pass time in Starfield is by sleeping, and this has two functions. First, sleeping allows you to pass time the same way that waiting does, but it also recovers your health. Even sleeping for a single hour will recover your health, so long as you aren’t suffering from an affliction that has reduced your maximum health potential. To sleep, simply approach a bed (preferably one that is not owned by someone else) and choose the option to sleep. The game will once again let you choose how long, even calculating the amount of local time passed versus the Coordinated Universal Time) UTC.

Now that you know how to wait, sleep, and pass time, pop by our Starfield Strategy Guide for all the help you’ll ever need on your journey through the stars.

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