Starfield voice actors & cast list

Here's the cast of voice actors featured in Starfield.


Starfield is finally here, bringing about the latest RPG from Bethesda Game Studios. With a branching storyline and countless planets to explore, there are a lot of characters that you’ll meet on your journey. If you’re curious about the voices behind the names, we’ve compiled a list of the voice actors featured in Starfield.

Starfield cast list

Actors appear in the order that they’re credited in-game.

Lin - Sumalee Montano

Side by side images of Lin and Sumalee Montano.
Lin is played by Sumalee Montano.

Lin is voiced by Sumalee Montano. She has appeared in a number of video games, including Destiny 2 as Hawthorne and Dead Space (2023) as Dr. Elizabeth Cross.

Heller - Damien Haas

Side by side images of Heller and Damien Haas.
Heller is played by Damien Haas.

Heller is voiced by Damien Haas. You may recognize him as Male Shez from Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes or Nathan from the Cartoon Network show Clarence. He’s also a member of the YouTube channel Smosh.

Barrett - Barry Wiggins

Side by side images of Barrett and Barry Wiggins
Barrett is played by Barry Wiggins.

Barret is voiced by Barry Wiggins. His career mostly consists of live-action roles, including Steve in The O.C. and Dr. Tuttle on The Wayans Bros.

Vasco - Jake Green

Side by side images of Vasco and Jake Green.
Vasco is played by Jake Green.

Jake Green plays Vasco. He’s had a couple of notable roles this year, such as Bloodbag Chuck in Redfall and Dr. Ivo in My Adventures with Superman.

Sarah Morgan - Emily O’Brien

Side by side images of Sarah Morgan and Emily O'Brien.
Sarah Morgan is played by Emily O'Brien.

Emily O’Brien plays Sarah Morgan. She also played Scarlet Witch in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Talia al Ghul in Gotham Knights.

Cora Coe - Aly Ward Azevedo

Side by side images of Cora Coe and Aly Ward Azevedo.
Cora Coe is played by Aly Ward Azevedo.

Aly Ward Azevedo voices Cora Coe. You may have heard her voice as Amy Jenkins in F is for Family.

Noel - Dana Gourrier

Side by side images of Noel and Dana Gourrier.
Noel is played by Dana Gourrier.

Noel is voiced by Dana Gourrier. She’s appeared in some notable live-action film, including Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight.

Andreja - Cissy Jones

Side by side images of Andreja and Cissy Jones.
Andreja is played by Cissy Jones.

Cissy Jones lends her voice to the role of Andreja. She also played Joyce in Life Is Strange and Delilah in Firewatch.

Walter Stroud - Armin Shimerman

Side by side images of Walter Stroud and Armin Shimerman.
Walter Stroud is played by Armin Shimerman.

Armin Shimerman is Walter Stroud. You’ll likely recognize him as the voice of Dr. Nefarious in the Ratchet & Clank series, or Andrew Ryan from Bioshock.

Sam Coe - Elias Toufexis

Side by side images of Sam Coe and Elias Toufexis.
Sam Coe is played by Elias Toufexis.

Sam Coe is voiced by Elias Toufexis. He played Oswald Cobblepot in Gotham Knights and L’ak in Star Trek: Discovery.

Matteo Khatri - Carlos Valdes

Side by side images of Matteo Khatri and Carlos Valdes.
Matteo Khatri is played by Carlos Valdes.

Carlos Valdes voices Mattero Khatri. He most notably played Cisco Ramon in The Flash and Arrow.

Vladimir Sall - Bumper Robinson

Side by side images of Vladimir Sall and Bumper Robinson.
Vladimir Sall is played by Bumper Robinson.

Vladimir Sall is played by Bumper Robinson. He also played the role of Calloway in Star Trek: Resurgence and Dr. Terrance in Redfall.

Additional voices

  • Keeper Aquilus - Keir Dullea
  • The Emissary - Nicky Endres
  • The Hunter - Phil Crowley
  • Frank Renick - George Ackles
  • Mike Ababio/Lendel Green/Daniel Kirova - Zeke Alton
  • Diego Monroe - Antonio Alvarez
  • Commander Kibwe Ikande/Diego Monroe/Justin Snead - Iké Amadi

Those are the voice actors behind some of the more prominent roles in Starfield. If you’ve been adventuring through the new RPG and could use some help along the way, bookmark our Starfield Strategy Guide.

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