World of Warcraft Classic developers explain Hardcore realms and permadeath

The true diehard player is about to find a new home in World of Warcraft Classic, but they had better beware.


When some people imagine MMORPGs, they picture a massive world where people can build larger-than-life characters wielding immeasurable power, but they must beware because that character only has a single life. For the most part, that isn't how the genre works. However, World of Warcraft Classic is ready to dive into the Hardcore with a new realm where players only live once.

Lead Software Engineer Ana Resendez and Associate Production Director Clay Stone walk us through World of Warcraft Classic's Hardcore realm, which are meant for only the most serious players. They explain how these realms came to be, how they change the standard approach to World of Warcraft, and what it means to die in Hardcore realms. Namely, death in Hardcore realms is permanent. There's no coming back, not even through resurrection abilities from classes like Shamans and Warlocks.

Greg Burke makes sure to press the team to make the message clear: When your character is dead, they're dead. The only recourse at that point is to migrate the character to a non-Hardcore realm, but anybody who dies in the Hardcore realm is gone forever, with only a ghost present to close any outstanding affairs. Just like in myth and pop culture, ghosts are just spirits with unfinished business.

Interested players can learn more about Hardcore realms from the World of Warcraft website. World of Warcraft Classic's Hardcore realms officially go live today. And for more interviews like this, be sure to check out Shacknews and Shacknews Interviews on YouTube.

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