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You can have TWO animal buddies? GOTY material for sure.


If you’re here, you’re either confused about the purpose of the Owlbear Cave in Baldur’s Gate 3, are worried about the outcome of this quest, or heard you can get an owlbear buddy at your camp and had no idea. Either way, there’s a surprising amount of nuance to this stuff, especially compared to when you meet Scratch the dog. So based on my own experience and other tidbits, here’s how to get an owlbear cub for your camp in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Discovering the Owlbear Cave

First things first. The Owlbear Cave is tucked away, kind of to the north-east-ish of the Blighted Village. A good landmark is the vertical body of water with the cross-shaped rock formation in it. Or, you know, you could just look at this screenshot:

Baldur's Gate 3 map Showing Owlbear Cave location
Source: Larian Studios

Once you’re in the Owlbear Cave, a few different things can happen. There’s a mysterious, magical chest over to the left, and if anyone in your party specializes in Religion, there’s a note behind the statue. If not, it’ll zap you. Anyway, for this quest you want to head right, where you’ll eventually come across a massive owlbear and her cub. How you react (and roll) will color the rest of this encounter.

Depending on your proficiencies, you can communicate with mamma owlbear, intimidate her or back away slowly. If you fail any of those checks or are simply a big jerk, fighting is an option, too. If you’re a Pro Gamer like myself, you could simply roll a Nat 20, baby.

A critical success roll in Baldur's Gate 3
Source: Larian Studios

This is where the owlbear cub storyline starts to sprout branches in multiple directions. If you choose to back off, you can leave the cave peacefully, although approaching again will trap you in a fight. If you fight, the cub will also attack, and if you’re trying to recruit it you’ll need to either make sure you take out the owlbear first, or hit the cub with non-lethal damage.

How to save the owlbear cub

Regardless of the violence, leaving the owlbear cub behind without killing it will move the event forward. The next part of the story involves the nearby Goblin Camp, and once again there are several variables.

If you didn’t kill the adult owlbear, return to the Owlbear Cave after a night at camp and you’ll discover it dies anyway. You can loot the new collection of goblin corpses, and pick up a valuable owlbear egg from the nest. The cub will be nowhere to be seen.

Baldur's Gate 3, dead owlbear surrounded by dead goblins :(
Source: Larian Studios

If you killed the owlbear and spared the cub, there’s no need to return to the cave first. Either way, while you may have to try a few times, the cub will eventually appear at the Goblin Camp. The cub will be there, in place of the chicken being chased around the “Chicken Run” course. Speaking to Krolla gives you various options, such as convincing her to give you the cub without a fight. You can also choose to play the game, and persuade the little guy to square up with you for a messy escape.

Can you still find the owlbear cub after the Goblin Camp?

Now at this point, some of our readers may be wondering, “what if I already razed the Goblin Camp to the ground when rescuing Halsin, ending the Chicken Run season early?” Great news! I did the same thing. Luckily, once you finish the encounter in the cave, Baldur’s Gate 3 seems to forgive you for doing it slightly later than intended.

After rescuing the owlbear cub from the Goblin Camp, or simply sparing it at the cave after you’ve already done murdered all them goblins, you’re at the mercy of the Long Rest event roulette. Eventually, the owlbear cub will approach you at camp, and you’ll have a few options to be friendly.

Owlbear cub entering the player camp in Baldur's Gate 3
Source: Larian Studios

Even if you succeed in your ability check, the cub will be scared away. This flags a second camp event, which should take place eventually, maybe even immediately depending on whatever event math the game does. In the second event, the cub will appear with a wounded paw. Do owlbears have paws? Anyway, you’ll get another set of ability checks to choose from, so pick the one you’re good at. The owlbear cub will officially make the camp its home, and you’ll get approval points for damn near the entire camp.

Companion approval bonuses after recruiting the owlbear cub
Source: Larian Studios

All the homies love the owlbear cub.

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