Minecraft Xbox Series X/S edition rated on German video games board

Currently, the Xbox One version of Minecraft is playable on Xbox Series X/S, but a version built for the Series X/S may be coming soon.


National ratings boards are turning out to be as loose-lipped as the most fervent data miners these days, and a Minecraft Xbox Series X/S may be the latest leak this week. Recently, the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (Germany’s national video game ratings board) put up an entry for Minecraft specifically marked with the additional context of “Microsoft XBOX Series,” a separate entry from the Xbox One version already listed and suggesting that an Xbox Series X/S version of Minecraft is in the works.

The Xbox Series listing of Minecraft was spotted on Germany’s video game ratings board this week by Video Games Chronicle contributor Andrew Marmo. The listing was posted earlier this month because the classification date is said to have been August 3, 2023. It’s also worth noting that while the Xbox One version of Minecraft is playable on Xbox Series X/S via backwards compatibility, this is a different, separate listing from the Xbox One version, which is also classified on the website’s database.

Minecraft's Xbox Series page on the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle website
According to Germany's video game ratings board, an Xbox Series version of Minecraft has been classified as of early August.
Source: Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle

It makes perfect sense that Microsoft and Mojang would want to get an upgraded edition of Minecraft ready for the most current console hardware. While backwards compatibility ensures no one on Xbox Series X/S is missing out on Minecraft, it’s still currently a version confined to Xbox One specs and limitations. As one of the most popular IPs in the Xbox Game Studios collection, a version of Minecraft that takes full advantage of more current hardware should be a delight to Xbox Series X/S players and Minecraft fans.

Of course, the Xbox Series X/S version of Minecraft hasn’t been officially announced yet. Stay tuned to the Minecraft topic as we await a formal announcement form Microsoft and/or Mojang.

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